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El Pórtico Restaurant Near Bogotá is a Must for Visitors

July 2016 Michael: El Pórtico has it all, ambiance, great Colombian style food, a playground for the kids, a coffee shop and a church. All these features contributes to a dual personality. Depending upon the time of day it can be a restaurant for the family or a romantic dinner. But this Bogotá area establishment […]

Colombian Picada at a No-Name Restaurant

By Michael March 2016 The above photo is the lunch my wife and I had on Sunday. Here in Colombia they call it a picada. Basically a little bit of everything and everyone picks what they want to eat. The dish shown contains platano, papa criolla (special potato grown only in Colombia), arepa, chicharrón, longaniza […]

Trattoria de La Plaza – Where Bogotanos Experience Italian Cuisine

Colombia restaurant Expat Bogotá

**Michael: “What I love is it is in a neighborhood no one would expect to find it,” said the person who invited us. I then asked Georgio how he found the place. “I like to look for these places that have a speakeasy feel to them.” The restaurant seems out of place in an area dominated […]

Myriam Camhi – Elegance in a coffee shop and a flair with pastries

Graciela: In over 12 years I have purchased many cakes and other pastries from Myriam Camhi. The simple reason is because they are excellent. Michael: According to the story on the menu it started over 30 years ago with one woman baking in her home. Today one can find their goods at nine locations in […]

Cocina de Colombia – Friendly with great tasting Colombian food and more

Michael: We discovered this restaurant by accident. The decision was made on a warm sunny day to get out of the city. On such a day the traffic going North to escape the concrete jungle would be almost a traffic jam. We took a different route towards the town of La Calera. The hungries hit […]

Restaurante Tomaselly flourishes among much competition

Leer en español Michael: There is a reason why a restaurant surrounded by many others flourishes. Tomaselly, located near the corner of Avenida 19 and Calle 136, has about eight other eating establishments within a two block radius. But this restaurant offers things that the others do not. This restaurant should not be confused with […]

Frambuesa -Restaurant Review

One of our top three favorite places for lunch in Bogotá. Michael: “Frambuesa.” Very frequently when my wife asks me where I would like to go for lunch I choose that restaurant. The company has a couple locations in the city, but my choice always goes to the one at Cra 13A No. 93 – […]

Chigüire 53 – Restaurant Review

leer en español A must eat at restaurant for anyone visiting Bogotá Michael:  Sure there are restaurants offering food from around Colombia. But when it comes to Chigüiro no one does it better than Chigüire 53.  There are other reasons to eat there besides the food. The area around is interesting, the restaurant has a […]

Asadero las Varas – Restaurant Review

Nothing fancy just great food and service Michael:  We stood at the opening of a metal fence covered with plastic sheeting. Wooden poles extending from the house roof to the top of the fence and covered with hard plastic sheets keeps the rain off the well scrubbed raw wood tables and benches.From the other side […]

Carbon de Palo – Restaurant Review

Leer en Español Attention to detail makes Carbon de Palo a memorable dining experience. Michael:  We are talking about the restaurant located at Avenida 19 No. 106-12. The company has some express locations but with those, while the great taste in food can be found, you miss the pleasurable ambiance that can make a meal […]

Restaurant Review – La K-Zona

A restaurant with fantastic deserts but meat dishes that seem to cater to a specific taste. Michael:  The first time we arrived at La K-Zona restaurant came after a BBQ at Neusa. By the time we traveled to just outside the small town of Cogua the taste for something sweet captured everyone. The large sign […]

Felinos – Restaurant Review

Leer en Español Michael:  In the Usaquen barrio of Bogotá many restaurants surround Felinos. However it is the one place my wife and I eat at most often when we are in the neighborhood. And yes, we sometimes make a special trip there to enjoy the food. Graciela:  It is a lunch place. You get […]

The Wingz Bar Experience

Leer en Español The first ever bar for a Wingz restaurant is a place one must experience. Michael:  Our friend ducked into an opening behind the drink serving area on the first floor. We followed. He placed a small plastic piece against a colorful door at the end of the short hallway. “Access granted” it […]

La Juguetería – Restaurant Review

Michael:  There are theme restaurants in Bogotá that receive more press than La Juguetería, but not one of them  overall is as good. Well, that is unless you enjoy paying inflated prices in a place so loud that you yell to have a table conversation. The owners are not new to the business. They are […]

Now This is a Great Unique Restaurant

Originally published in the Fenton Patch January 2012 (21 photos) Safety brings change. In the last several years great strides have been made insuring safer travel to the small towns around Bogotá. The increase in weekend tourists escaping the city have prompted a new business for many of the farms. Dotting the two lane asphalt […]