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The purpose of this section is two fold. We want to entice you to visit this South American Country that offers some of the most unique sights and food in the world. Second is to give you information to make your visit or stay as enjoyable as possible.

Here you will find links to information about where to stay, places to eat, events and answers to questions that readers have asked us. And if you have a question you can write to us here.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

When is the best time to visit Bogotá?

What hotels do we recommend to stay in?

Where can I find a listing of the major hotels in Bogotá by area?

Visitor’s Guide to Getting Around Bogotá, Colombia

Where can I purchase Colombian arts and crafts?

Is there a Bogotá taxi driver who speaks English?

Is there a Medellin taxi driver who speaks English?

What to wear in Bogotá?

Where can I get a good cup of coffee in Bogotá?

What are estratos and how do they affect me

A checklist for you before arriving in Colombia

Restaurant Reviews
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Information for Expats
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