Unique Marketing Method in Bogotá

Name 150 SQMichael:  Though I have been in Colombia for eight years it feels that I learn something new daily.

It happened, It is just something that almost defies logic. However the passenger side mirror on our car got knocked off. As a gringo, this is a situation that in my mind is just an accident looking for a happening. But on the other hand there is the dread of sticker shock when the dealer in a matter-of-fact-non apologetic manner delivers the cost for the repair.

We drove down the road to take care of urgent errands driving carefully and mentally scheduling the mirror fiasco for later in the afternoon. Sitting a couple cars behind at a stop light a kid shoved a business card though the half rolled down window. He rattled off something in Spanish so fact and at an unexpected time that comprehension eluded me.

Graciela:  The young man on a bicycle had noticed our missing mirror and gave us a card for a shop to repair it. I looked at the address and asked where exactly it was because the street was not a main avenue. “Just follow me,” came the reply.business card 320

Michael:  We seemed to make many turns before the person and bicycle stopped in what I can best describes as a hole in the wall shop. An older man emerged, accessed the damage and returned to shelves laden with car mirrors lining the walls till there was only enough room for one person to slide through. We he came back to the car a new looking box was in his hand. He opened the box, handed us the mirror inside for our inspection and quoted a price below the dealership. We asked about installation. The price included it and would take less than 5 minutes.

Graciela:  It was a total of less than ten minutes from when we just arrived and were back on the road with a new mirror.

Michael:  It seems that car mirrors are the only thing El Punto Del Espejo deals with. I was very pleased with everything. But wow, what an interesting sales method when your shop is off the beaten path, hire a kid to watch for cars with broken mirrors and give them a card.

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