WASSA – Coffee Shop With a Savvy for Breads and Health

December 2015

WASSA exhibition kitchenMichael: Walking in the front door one sees at the back of the room an archway to the exhibition kitchen. Above it says, “Todos los días se hornean tus deseos” (Every day we bake your wishes). On another wall it states “El arte de hacer pan” (the art of making bread). Fortunately this is one of those places that lives up to their advertising.

WASSA serves and sells healthy delicious food but does not advertise itself as a health store. On the left wall is a table laden with baked goods. On the right, shelving holds jars of sauces made without chemical additives, quinoa products, natural jams, olive oil, various grains and other tasty items. On the floor next to the cash register sits eggs of free range chickens.

WASSA breads 2Two other rooms contain tables and chairs made of metal and wood. A menu of food and drinks is written in colors on a black board hung on the wall. The decoration along with the wooden floors in One room and post and beam construction creates a pleasant feeling.

But what about the coffee. Well each cup is made to order and does not come from a drip coffee maker. Then you can adjust the strength to your desire. Like another of our favorite coffee shops, Probocatto, the customer receives strong espresso in the bottom of a ceramic cup along wIth a pot of water.

Graciela: Accompaniments range from baked bread treats like chocolate rolls to lunch size sandwiches and quiches. For a complete list of their offerings check out their web page of www.wassachia.com. They also have a Facebook page.

My husband and I go there for more than just the coffee, On many occasions we have stopped for breakfast. But best of all  is their bread, especially that for making sandwiches. In my opinion they offer some of the best in the Chia/Cajíca area. And yes we take home jars of their antipasto and other items on the shelves.

WASSA antipastoMichael: I am American. We often rate a business by the little things. On the first visit my wife and I made we enjoyed the excellent products. the servers did their basic job and delivered our order in a timely manner. Afterward in the car I discussed with Graciela about our experience. We agreed that it was very good, but something was missing to create that welcome feeling. “Did you notice that no one ever smiled?” I said. Since then we have returned several times and still never a smile.

Graciela: Generally for Colombians the lack of a smile is not a problem. Consequently one does not see it as often in Colombian stores as they do in American places of business. But I have also noticed that we are more likely to return to coffee shops and other stores where the employees smile.

Michael: In some respects the WASSA coffee shop/bakery is a well-kept secret. The location is not on a main thoroughfare. Signage is not huge and coming at you from a distance. In fact we passed the store many times before discovery. Even then it was only after a member of the Colombian forum pointed it out to us.

WASSA metal signIf you are in the area I highly recommend stopping. You will not be disappointed. The address is Carrera 2 este #21-76. Coming from Bogotá on the Autopista take the exit to Chia which puts you on the Pradilla. Just past La Magola on the left and McDonalds on the right you enter the traffic circle. But hang to the right and exit at your first chance. Then it is an almost immediate right on to the Carrera #2. You will find WASSA a very short distance down on the right side.

Graciela: I agree with my husband that this is a must try place. The only problem is a lack of parking. There are four spots in the front and if anyone parks wrong, or with too big of a vehicle, you are lucky to fit in three cars. On more than one occasion we have gone to another coffee shop because there was no parking.

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