When is the Best Time to Visit Bogotá?

A reader asked us, “When is the best time to visit Bogotá?”

Bogotá as seen from Monserrati

Bogotá as seen from Monserrati

Graciela:  There is never a bad time to visit Bogotá. We have no seasons. The weather is the same all year. Whether you need to escape the extreme cold or hot, this is the place. Bogotá is like a continual spring.

Michael:  The capital of Colombia is only 6 degrees north of the equator. However it is 8,600 feet above sea level. Rather meaning it is 63% higher than Denver, Colorado. This creates the constant temperatures that range between 45 degrees and 70 degrees year round. No freezing weather so the mountains are always green.

Graciela:  If you are coming to take advantage of the many unique museums and sites, everything is open all year. The exception is some have limited days in late December.

Michael:  Christmas season does slow things down a little, but it also provides benefits in my opinion. To begin with Bogotá becomes easier to get around. Many people leave the city to spend time at their fincas (small farms like a vacation place). Many attractions, that tourists enjoy, light up for the holidays. For instance, Monserrate puts on a large light display. The  funicular ride up is amazing after the sun sets. Once on top of the mountain the view is magic. The city of eight million twinkles below like thousands of stars.

Funicular going up to Monserrati

Funicular going up to Monserrati

Graciela:  My husband has a point. If you enjoy wonderful Christmas light displays, there are fantastic ones all around the city. It seems that each area tries to outdo the other. Best light displays are found at Usaquen, Parque 93, Parque Virrey, Parque National and Plaza de Bolivar. According to a newspaper article the city will spend about eight million dollars and use over 12 million bulbs along with 100 kilometers of rope lights to create the spectacle for 2013.

Small part of the lights seen in Bogotá

Small part of the lights seen in Bogotá

Michael:  I have seen many wonderful light displays in the USA, but those in Bogotá are often unique. To see them is well worth the trip.

In thinking of North Americans, there is a part of December that is one of the best. It is a time to shop for unique gifts for those on your Christmas list. There is no other place in the world where one can find many of the artisan items displayed in over six large buildings. I am talking about the Expoartesanias which is held every year at the Coreferias in Bogotá. The dates this year are from December 6, 2013 through December 19, 2013.

To me those dates are perfect. Come out of the Northern cold of the USA, visit unique sites in Bogotá, see fantastic light displays and get your Christmas shopping done.

Graciela:  Colombia has many special events throughout the year. There is a chance that  something will match your passion or business interest. A good example is the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro. Michael wrote about the last one in 2012. The 14th festival is scheduled for April 4 through April 20, 2014.

Michael:  Bogotá is also the gateway to other enjoyable and/or interesting places in the country. Airfares are very inexpensive. Airlines Avianca, Copa, Satena, LAN and Vivacolombia all offer flights around the country.

One of the beaches in San Andres

One of the beaches in San Andres

Want to sit on a warm Caribbean beach?  Cartagena, San Andres and Providencia all have some nice sun and sand, and Bogota is the place to start from.

Care to learn Salsa or Tango dance from some of the best in the world? Check out our writing about dance in Colombia. Again, inexpensive airfares are available to Cali and Medellin from Bogotá.

Graciela:  Come any part of the year. Bogotá will not disappoint you.


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