Bogota Hotels by Area

Click here for our opinion about stay bogota 150X100 Ar Blanca Thin black on orangeBogota Hotels by area 350 X 99We list these hotels as a service to readers. It is part of our enticement to get you to visit this unique South American Capital. As is our policy none of these hotels compensate us for the listing. In fact I highly doubt they even know of

There are, of course, other web listings with ratings that one can reference. Some only list those hotels that pay to be on their website. Others use comments by supposedly clients. But like other travel writers have done, we find the ratings and comments to not necessarily be a fair indication. Sometimes places have friends write fantastic comments about them. The competition has been known to post derogatory remarks. And there are always those places that are fantastic but not even listed because, perhaps, they may be outside normal tourist areas.

The other problem is that things change. One hotel purchases another, or management changes. And prices are constantly going up. Therefore our method is to take you to the hotel’s website by clicking on its name in the listing.

Still, we realize that is not always a good marker of the quality or service. A recent article by another site covers how some hotels in Bogotá claim to be five stars, but are really only three.

While we cannot guarantee anything we will give educated comments. Graciela’s career consisted of being an administrative assistant to presidents of international companies. In that role part of the job consisted of finding hotels for visiting clients, managers and members of the board. Over her 40 years she checked out many hotels. Plus she has the feedback from those who she put there.

We have made every attempt to make this list as accurate as possible. But as we found out, the task of finding and assembling all these hotels is daunting. There are over 250 hotels in this city of eight million people. Those listed here are the major ones in the city that we have been able to observe and that have websites.

Airport 350 X 30 Gabriola

AR Hotel Salitre
Carrera 60 #22-99
Comments:  Not too far from the airport in an area that has shopping and restaurants around including a large mall. Their website is both in English and Spanish.

Bogotá Marriott Hotel
Avenida El Dorado No. 69B-53

Estelar Apartments Aeropuerto
Calle 25B No. 40-67

Holiday Inn Bogotá Airport
Avenida Calle 26 No. 69d-91
Comments:  In the Salitre area around the airport. There you can find many places to shop and eat.

Hotel Habitel
Avenida El Dorado No. 100-97

Sheraton Bogotá
Calle 25B No. 69C-80

Tryp Bogotá Embajada
Avenida La Esperanza, No. 51-40
Comments:  In the La Esperanza area. Good area, but in our opinion the Salitre area offers more. Hotel advertises free Wi-Fi on their website.

Avenida Chile Gabriola  350 X 30

Also known as Zona G


Casa Medina
Carrera 7 No. 69A-22

Embassy Suites
Calle 70 No. 6-22
Comments: This is across the street from the newest and most unique Juan Valdez shop. They also have weekly and monthly rates. Great choice if you are going to enjoy Bogotá for more than a few days..

Royal Park Metrotel
Calle74  #13-27

Calle 100 350 X 30 Gabriola



Andes Plaza
Av. 15 No. 100-11
Comments: They advertise free Wi-Fi on their web page

Cosmos 100
Calle 100 # 21A – 41
Comments: At the time of this writing (March 2014) the hotel is under renovation though still open. they are located very close to the Transmilenio and the Autopista. However I could not get their web page in English, only Spanish

Terra 100 Royal
Calle 100 No. 19A -70
Comments: Added to the list March 2014. This is a new hotel opened in 2014. Located across the street from the Cosmos 100 this is one of the Royal chain of hotels in the city. The location is near the Autopista and the Calle 100 Transmilenio station. They list it as a Boutique Hotel.

Centro 350 X 30 GabriolaThis is the center of the city. The hotels in this area are near the Candeleria district as well as the Museo del Oro

Hotel De La Opera
Calle 10 No. 5-72, Calle del Coliseo
Comments:  This hotel is in the Charming Candelaria area of the city. You can read our review about the area here. Their website is in English. See it for their specials and more about what they offer.

Hotel Augusta
Av. Jiménez No. 4 – 77
Comments:  Their website is in both Spanish and English. They post good information on their Twitter site. (@hotelaugustabo). Their Facebook site is:

Carrera 10 No. 26-21

Hotel Dann Avenida 19
Av 19 # 5-72

Hotel bh Bicentenario
Carrera 4 No. 16-03
Comments:  In the barrio of Candelaria

Chapinero 350 X 30 Gabriola



 La Pinta Bogotá
Calle 65 # 5 – 67
Comments: La Pinta is really a hostel. Their website shows both dorm rooms and private rooms and they seem to offer other services.

La Niña
Comments:  This is considered the little sister to the hostel La Pinta Bogotá. It is only a couple blocks away from the larger. According to their website it offers the same services.

Hotel bh Tempo
Carrera 4 No. 16-03

Chapinero Alto 350 X 30 Gabriola



Casa Gaitán Cortes
Calle 69 # 4-97
Comment:  It is a smaller place billing itself as a boutique hotel. There is an advertisement that it offers free Wi-Fi. For three days in a row I tried loading their official website page, but each time it only loaded 80% then froze. However you can get information from the Epoque listing page.  You can also find the on Twitter @CGaitanCortes

Hotel Estelar Suites Jones
Calle 61 No. 5-39

Rosales Plaza
Calle 71 No. 5-47
Comments:  I could not find their website in English, only Spanish

Chico 350 X 30 GabrielaA quiet area near the Septima (major street in Bogotá) and within walking distance of shopping and restaurants.

 Bioxury GHL Hoteles
Calle 83 No. 9-48
Comments:  Added to the list March 2014. This is a GHL group hotel. It is close to the restaurant Club Colombia which is known for great food. At the time of this listing there is construction next door, so it may be noisy for a little while during the day. Mr. Ribs restaurant is on the bottom floor.

Bogotá Royal
Carrera 8A #99-55

Chicó Imperial
Carrera 19C # 91-63
Comments:  Website is in Spanish and English.

Estelar Park 93
Calle 93 No. 11 – 19

Hotel B3 Virrey
Carrera 15 # 88 – 36
Comments: Nice looking hotel with vertical garden on the outside. Located in area with plenty of restaurants. Not

Hotel Estelar Windsor House
Calle 95 No 9-97

Lancaster House
Avenida 13 No. 108-28
Comment:  This one we also list in the Zona Rosa Area

coreferias 350 X 30 GabriolaThe Coreferias is the place in Bogota where they hold all the large events requiring multiple buildings. The EXPOARTESANIAS is the one we attend each year. Check out the others here.


Hotel Estelar De La Feria
Avenida Calle 24 No. 43A-85

parque 93 350 X 30 GabriolaOne of the two most gringolandia areas in Bogotá. Here you will find restaurants catering to the tastes of foreigners.

101 Park House
Carrrera 21 No. 101-10

Best Western 93 Plus
Calle 93 No. 13-71
Comments:  This is located just a half block from one of our favorite places for lunch, Frambresa. It is relatively new.

Bogota Plaza Summit Hotel
Calle 100 No. 18A-30

Click Clack Hotel
Carrera 11 No. 93-77

Cosmos 100
Calle 100 # 21A – 41
Comments:  At the time of this writing (March 2014) the hotel is under renovation though still open. they are located very close to the Transmilenio and the Autopista. However I could not get their web page in English, only Spanish

Dann Carlton
Avenida 15 No. 103-60
Comments:  Web page is available in English, Spanish, French & Portguese

Estelar Park 93
Calle 93 No. 11 – 19

Hotel bh Parque 93
Cra 14 No. 93A-69
Comments:  This is one our favorites in the area. Small but very nice. Close to many restaurants and right next to our favorite theater in Bogotá, Cinemania.

Hotel de la Ville
Calle 100 No. 13-55

Pavilion Royal
Calle 94 No. 11-15

Holiday Inn Express
Calle 94 No. 11A-12

Hotel Estelar Calle 100
Calle 100 No. 14-46

Ramada Bogotá Parque 93
Calle 95 No. 13-35 Tower A

Rosales 350 X30 GabriolaThis is one of the barrios in Bogotá


Hotel bh La Quinta
Carrera 5 No. 74-52
Comments: bh are smaller hotels, but very nice. They specialize in being in areas that other nice hotels are not always.

Teusaquello 350 X 30 GabriolaThis is one of the barrios in Bogotá. The area is very artsy in nature with some excellent old architecture.

Baviera Hotel
Calle 32 No. 13-32

Hotel Maria Isabel
Calle 33 No. 15-05

Unicentro 350 X 30 Gabriola



Dann Norte
Avenida 15 No. 114-09

La Fontana
Avenida 127 No. 21-10
Comments:  Another one of our favorite hotels in the city. And if you are thinking of getting married, they even have a wedding chapel on site.

Morrison – Hoteles Morrison Bogota 114
Avenida 19 No. 114-06
Comments:  One of two Morrison Hotels in the city. The other one is in Zona Rosa area. This one opened in August of 2013

Santafe Boutique Hotel
Av Pepe Sierra (Calle 116) No 15 – 64

Estelar Apartments Bogotá
Calle 127 No. 15A-10
Comments:  This place is designed for longer stays.

Usaquen 350 X 30 GabriolaThis is one of the favorite areas in the city for tourists. Each weekend the entire town square and surrounding area is a large artesenal display. Not to mention that great eating places abound.

Hacienda Royal
Calle 114 No. 6A-02
Comments:  In our opinion this is one of the best hotels in the city when considering all factors.

Radisson Royal
Calle 113 No. 7-65

Tryp Bogotá Usaquen
Calle 120A No. 7-33

Zona Industrial 350 X 30 Gabriola



Avenida El Dorado No. 69A-51

Zona Rosa 350 X 30 GabrieolaOne of the two most gringolandia areas in Bogotá. Expensive restaurants and bars around. Couple of interesting malls in the area.

Sofitel Bogotá Victoria Regia
Carrera 13 # 85-80

Morrison – Hoteles Morrison
Calle 84 No. 13-54
Comments:  This is one of Graciela’s favorite places for putting up visiting businessmen. It is near many excellent restaurants and offers a good value. You get much for your money.

Andino Royal
Calle 85 no. 12-28

Carrera 13 No. 85-46

Hamilton Court
Carrera 14 No. 81-20

La Boheme
Calle 82 No. 12-35

Porton 84
Calle 84 no. 7-65

Saint Simon
Carrera 14 No. 81-34
Comments: Could not find web page

Excelsior Suites
Carrera 14 No. 86A-96

Hotel bh El Retiro
Calle 80 No. 10-11

Lancaster House
Avenida 13 No. 108-28
Comment:  This one we also list in the barrio Chico

Other Locations in Bogota 350 X 30


GHL Comfort Hotel Los Heroes
Calle 74 No 15 – 60
Comments:  I could not find their website in English. This place is near Avenida Caracas and a large part of the Transmilenio system. There is shopping around, but this is not a gringolandia part of the city.


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