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Day Trips from Bogotá

3 Days in Barranquilla – too many or too few?

Michael: For years I have heard bits and pieces of stories about my wife’s father and him being originally from Barranquilla, Colombia. But I never met anyone from that side of her family. Both that part of my wife’s past and Barranquilla itself interests me for several reasons. The coastal city is Colombia’s fourth largest […]

La Magola – Part of Colombian History

Graciela: On Sundays my mother refused to cook. The job fell to my father to come up with something. His method usually involved piling the family into his Land Rover and heading out of town . Often after a good meal at a restaurant he took us to La Magola near the town of Chia […]

Warm and Colorful La Vega – Day Trip from Bogotá

Originally published in the Fenton Patch newspaper November 2012 There are many day trips available from Bogotá. You can escape the hustle and bustle of the city of eight million in any direction. Choices range from going further up in the mountains rising above the 8,600 foot level that the capital sets, or slowly travel […]

Gran Estación Leading the Growth of Ibagué

This is a city to watch in Colombia. The wall of windows provides a great view while exercising. Approximately four stories up a part of the city lays before you. Beyond, green lush mountains rise up. During the day there are white clouds. In the morning and evening orange traces from the rising or setting […]

Miraflores – Vale la Pena (Worth the Effort)

An exciting trip and unique old town in Colombia that you will not find in other travel writings. Originally published in Fenton Patch newspaper January 2013. “We’re leaving tomorrow for Miraflores,” my engineer friend told me. The company he owns gets contracts all around Colombia. It is not his style to ask me if I […]

Guatavita – The Changing of a Relationship

Guatavita is a picturesque town in Colombia. A day trip there from Bogotá takes you through beautiful scenery as well as small towns. The pueblo, located on the banks of Lake Guatavita, is almost two color. This is in great contrast to the many other places found in Colombia expressing multitudes of color. Everything is […]

Cartagena – Caribbean Jewel Winter Getaway

Originally published in the Fenton Patch newspaper November 28, 2011 ****** Tens of millions of dollars of gold and emeralds have been shipped from its shores. The city has also served as the head of both the slave trade and the Spanish Inquisition in South America. In 1586 Sir Francis Drake tried to burn it […]