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Our Furniture Purchasing Experience in Bogotá, Colombia

February 2016 Michael: When a husband hears, “We need new living room and dining room furniture,” there exists limited options. But once the words have exited the wife’s mouth your best response is “Si mi amor”(Yes, my love) and try for the best deal you can get. Graciela: Sometimes I believe men really do not […]

Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia Revisited – Spectacular or not?

January 2016 Graciela: “Spectacular,” the woman said. The answer came to our question of her thoughts about the new Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia, Colombia. On weekends, especially during the Christmas season, the place attracts large crowds. Michael: My wife and I showed up on opening day of the mall in October 2015. We based […]

Arte Luna in Centro Chia – Colombian Crafts and Knowledgable Helpful Staff

November 2015 Michael: Time closed in on us before our last trip to the USA. Now add to it that my wife is Colombian. By that I mean that part of her culture is to bring gifts for everyone whenever you travel. Bottom line, that means a gift for just about every relative and friend […]

We Review the New Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia

For our updated review click here October 2015 Michael: For over two years the large 134,000 square meter building with over 56,000 square meters of rental space rose slowly from the ground. Inside over 150 retail outlets moved merchandise in. Just down from the place and on the same side of the Autopista is Centro […]

Our Recent Trip From Colombia to the USA Revealed Much About the Two Countries

September 2015 Michael: Attitude shifts, coffee differences, diet changes and more came to light. It has been a few years since we visited The United States. After our ten days of experiences and talking with relatives, friends and people everywhere my wife and I discussed the changes we noticed. Colombia is seen differently now Graciela: […]

Five Bogotá Malls for Tourists

May 2015 Michael: Bogotá has a plethora of what they call centro comerciales or malls in English. Of course with over eight million people in the city it is to be expected. In the last ten years my wife and I have hit most if not all of them. Do not think that my wife likes […]

What to pack and wear to enjoy Bogotá

January 2015 Michael:  There is a joke that goes: A man calls up his wife and says, “Honey start packing. I just won the lottery.” The wife responds, “Should I pack for warm weather or cold? The husband says, “I don’t care just don’t be there when I get home.” Though I am pretty sure […]

Auger Bits in Bogotá – Photo of the week

Michael: OK, some people are wondering what a photo of bit brace auger bits has to do with Colombia. Well, it shows there are still those places where you can find the old stuff. While living in the USA I collected old hand tools. Unfortunately my wood planes and other items were unable to accompany […]

Productos Rápido – 43 years in business for a reason

Leer en Español Michael: Damn. Everything in the long multi-shelved glass cases tugged at my taste buds and beckoned to be put in my mouth. The dilemma happens every time I go to the place for coffee. Graciela: People in Bogotá know that Productos Rapido’s products are good and well priced. That is part of […]

A Bogotá sidewalk seller that caught our eye

Michael: No way could I pass by the plastic sheet on the sidewalk with a blanket on top laden with rectangular fabric covered objects. My wife knowing my attraction also stopped and asked me, “Do you want one?” Graciela: Something I have never seen in the USA is people placing a covering on the sidewalk […]

Stroll with us through a place to buy Colombian arts and crafts – Carpe Diem in Usaquen

Michael: Colombia has some great artisians. you can find items that are not anywhere else in the world. One would be remiss to return home without something. Graciela: Of course the absolute best place to see and purchase these useful art pieces is at the Expoartesanias. We wrote about it before showing many photos.Unfortuately it […]

Boots ‘N Bags

Colombian business that pays attention to design and quality to make unique purses. Michael: I am an aficionado of design. An item into which much thought has been put for functionality excites me. In some of the classes I teach for English I have my conversational students design a better purse. Consequently my first encounter […]

The New Colombian Coins Have a Theme

You may think that you are receiving funny money. Michael:  It is difficult enough when visiting another country to figure out their money. But Colombia is now throwing a wrench into the problem. They are changing their coins and using both at the same time. Not only do the new ones look and feel different, […]

Colombian Flowers – Happy Valentine’s Day

Michael:  Colombia is not the largest dealer of flowers in the world but the business is a multi-billion dollar one for the country. The industry employs about 172,000 workers mostly around Bogotá. If you receive roses in the U.S.A. on Valentine’s Day there is about a 70% chance they came from Colombia. But the day […]

Photo of the Week – Maternity Clothing in Shop Window

Michael:  I cold not resist taking this photo of the window display for the women’s clothing shop  Via Sport. The shirts have interesting sayings for pregnant ladies. Just in case you do not read Spanish the one on the left says, “It all started with a kiss.” On top the translation is “Observe the love […]

Unique Marketing Method in Bogotá

Michael:  Though I have been in Colombia for eight years it feels that I learn something new daily. It happened, It is just something that almost defies logic. However the passenger side mirror on our car got knocked off. As a gringo, this is a situation that in my mind is just an accident looking […]

Pandora – a Place to Shop in Bogotá

February 2016 Update:  Since this writing was first done in 2013 the company has changed from selling  leather items to a beauty supply place. It is sadening to see. Another great place to purchase quality Colombian made leather purses is at Boots ‘N Bags. This place is worth checking out for quality leather purses. Michael:  Pandora […]

Even Gringos Look Elegant in a Guayabera

It’s cool, elegant, worn by many famous people and perfect for hot Michigan summers. Originally published in the Clawson Patch newspaper May 2013. Michael: Of course we are talking about the guayabera shirt. I just added two more to my collection in getting ready for our trip to Singapore. Before my wife occupies her part […]

Backpacks in Colombia & We Carried our Books Under our Arms

Totto of Colombia is tops in backpacks for students. Backpack Basics: A Weighty Issue –  My wife and I looked at each other after I read the article in the Fenton Patch newspaper to her. I spoke first. “We just carried the books in our arms.” “We did too,” my wife answered. Our comments reminded […]