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Photo of the Week – Learning English in Bogotá

March 2017 By Michael A local Bogotá newspaper caught my eye. The publication written in Spanish had above the fold the big letters of the title written in English. Now I wonder how many of my fellow urban dwellers in this city of over eight million people understood what it said. Well, if all goes […]

Christmas Starting in October – Photo of the Week

Michael: It is too early for Christmas. The above photo is a collage of photos taken at a Colombian store in early October 2016 Colombia, obviously, does not have Thanksgiving. They have no holiday that could mark the beginning of the Christmas season. Interesting though is that last year several stores advertised Black Friday. Yes, […]

Photo of the Week – Little Girl / Big Dog

September 2016 – There is just something cute about little girls playing with large dogs. The animals seem to know the gentleness of the child and respond in kind. This is Valentina, the 5 year-old daughter of our housekeeper, playing with our dog, Corzo. Despite the dog’s well-earned reputation of aggressive protection of the property Valentina […]

Photo of the week – Chinche bug

Graciela: This bug caught my eye while outside the house. It looks like someone painted it. Michael: Neither my wife nor I knew what kind it is. I put a photo on Facebook asking for help in identification. A relative sent me an Email with a link. It is called a Chinche del Colores. They […]

Photo of the week: Horses and carts in Cajicá, Colombia

March 2016 These three photos were taken in one day as we walked the streets around our house. The country feeling is part of what I like since we made the decision to leave Bogotá. Do not believe that we live out in the middle of nowhere though. Two large malls, Fontanar and Centro Chia […]

Photo of the Week – Raked Front Bike in Chia Colombia

By Michael March 2016 My wife walked by this bike as we entered the restaurant in Chia, Colombia and never noticed it. But the city is a place where many people ride bicycles. They have bike lanes along side the roads. The colors and rake on the front end caught my attention from across the […]

Photo of the Week – Prohibido Sign in Zipaquirá

January 2016 Michael: It seems that at least once a week I see a man utilizing a tree, bush, pole or wall that has been recommended by a dog. The sign giving warning of  a fine for public urination is the first one seen in my many years living in the country. I found  this particular […]

Photo of the week – Ancheta of Fruit

December 2015 Michael: In Colombia, as Christmas approaches one sees filled baskets in stores. They are called anchetas and given as gifts. It is equivalent to gift baskets as they are called in the United States, England, Canada and Australia. The one in the above photo was at our local fruit store. Of course it […]

Photo of the Week – Black Friday Comes to Colombia, South America

November 2015 Graciela: The above is a composite of photos of the Black Friday sale signs at a local mall. Big deal you say. However if you look closer you will notice that only the words, “Black Friday” are in English. Everything else is in Spanish. These photos were taken at a mall in Colombia, South […]

Photo of the Week – Fish Balloon

October 2015 Michael:   I often find Colombians very innovative. From our car we could see decorations in the front area of one of or favorite coffee shops, Cafe Kerub. Once inside the construction of the fish revealed itself. Balloons with construction paper eyes, tail and fins taped on look very cute. The owner told […]

Cleaning the Water Tank – Photo of the Week

October 2015 Michael: This is something I do not believe many of our readers in the USA have experienced. While yes, our water comes from the water company, it goes into a tank first before coming into the house. Most tanks are above the roof of the house to create sufficient pressure. But ours is […]

Photo of the Week: Stop Signs Bring a Smile

Michael: These signs are located in the North of Bogotá around the area of Calle 140 and Avenida 19. The first sign caught me by surprise, and indeed a smile came to my face. But with the second one my thought process went to who is doing this. The added letters are vinyl and close to […]

Photo of the week – poster in coffee shop

November 2014 Michael: Readers by now know how my wife and I enjoy coffee shops. We go to one at least 300 days each year. Graciela: We also enjoy reading books. So this new sign hanging in one of the coffee shops that made our 2014 top ten list, Oma in Santafé, caught our attention. […]

Photo of the Week – Blood of Bull

 Michael: In all my years in the USA I never drank wine from Spanish speaking countries. While living in Michigan it was mostly French and Italian wine along with some of those from the New York Finger lakes region. Of course my years in California had me testing the many wines bottled there. And I had […]

Auger Bits in Bogotá – Photo of the week

Michael: OK, some people are wondering what a photo of bit brace auger bits has to do with Colombia. Well, it shows there are still those places where you can find the old stuff. While living in the USA I collected old hand tools. Unfortunately my wood planes and other items were unable to accompany […]

A Bogotá sidewalk seller that caught our eye

Michael: No way could I pass by the plastic sheet on the sidewalk with a blanket on top laden with rectangular fabric covered objects. My wife knowing my attraction also stopped and asked me, “Do you want one?” Graciela: Something I have never seen in the USA is people placing a covering on the sidewalk […]

Photo of the week – Doors in and around Bogotá

Michael:  One thing that has always fascinated me about Bogotá are the doors of some homes. In the city of Bogotá itself the best place to view magnificent and unique doors is in the Candelaria district. There the homes date back to the 16th, 17th and 18th century. Another place to view is the small […]

Photo of the week – Pigeon feeding in Usaquen

Michael: I watched this man stroll into the Usaquen park about lunch time. His plastic bag was closed but the pigeons seemed to know what was coming and immediately flew to him like an old friend. Graciela: This barrio of Bogotá is a part that my husband refers to as gringolandia. On some days I […]

Photo of the Week – World Cup Futbol at Bulevar

Michael: In our writing “Relationships and The World Cup” , we mentioned about how the malls set up TVs for people (mostly men) to watch the World Cup, while their wives shop. Graciela: The writing is also available in Spanish. “Relaciones de Pareja y el Mundial de Futbol” Michael: This photo was taken at the […]

Photo of the week – Clouds from the plane

Michael: We recently spent 26 hours stuffed into an excuse for a comfortable seat on a plane. Then the reverse a few weeks later. The trip involved stops in four countries. There were also many hours waiting in airports. Graciela: We had flown from Bogotá to Singapore and back. Most of the time it was […]