Chez Moi Coffee Shop in Chia Displays the Owner’s Culinary Talents

January 2016

There is bread, then there is pan artesanal  (artisan bread). Among those in the art group there are a few at the top of the game. Now one of them opened a coffee shop in Chia, Colombia.

Daily errands took us down the street known as Avenida Chilacos in the small town outside of Bogotá. Entrances to various gated communities pepper the avenue. The two story building therefore looks rather plain. Large windows occupy the first floor. The sign Chez Moi initially caught my eye. French words in a Spanish speaking country brought curiosity to my mind. A blackboard encased in a pink frame stood in front. Covered with words and pictures in colored chalk it continued my questioning thought. Flowers grow in planters occupying the boundaries of the limited front parking area. They do create an inviting feeling. The embossed words on the sides of the flower holding crates continues interest, but they also give an idea of what to expect inside.

Color grabbed our attention upon entering. Pastel blue painted rococo backed sofas and chairs with Louis XVI legs create a grouping near the front window. More multi-color chalk on blackboard background covers the room support post and wall above the windows.Chez Moi SeatingThe semi-open baking area sites behind the glass case counter and espresso machine. Signs announce that they use Amor Perfecto coffee. But unusual for such a place they also serve Bogotá Beer Company alcoholic beverages. A large display contains their artesanal breads. Included in the ones we saw that first day was yogurt, cheese, banana and quinoa. Each decoratively wrapped loaf is suitable as a gift. Fancy jars of dessert type items referred to by Colombians as dulce de mora, dulce de guayaba, dulce de limon, dulce de papaya and others occupy much of the glass display cases.

Chez Moi PostThey have free Wi-Fi. It is not unusual to see people sipping their coffee while staring at their computer screen. We ordered our tintos (black coffee) and a snack from the glass case. I took a pan de chocolate. My wife chose pastel Gloria. The lad operating the coffee machine appeared to take pride in his work. That was something that also showed in the final product we tasted.

Graciela: A young lady dressed in a white chef’s jacket appeared and introduced herself as the owner. I asked all kinds of questions. She and her husband came from Bogotá and opened the place about three months earlier. Her degree is from culinary school. Previously the couple had a bakery in the capital city. But they saw Chia and decided a place there would allow them to showcase her baking abilities more.

Offerings extend to breakfast and other meals. They open at 8 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Breakfast items range from eggs and omelets to the Colombian soups of changua and caldo de costilla. They close at 8 p.m. except on Sunday which is 6 p.m. Other food choices during the day include quiches and sandwiches.

Since our first visit in November of 2015 we have returned many times. Often their bread products made excellent gifts. And all recipients of the product stated how they enjoyed the taste.

Michael: Chez Moi brings more of the best of Bogotá to Chia. If you are looking for a coffee shop offering a difference in ambiance and food choices plus a commitment to the customer then this is the place to go. For more information you can check out their Facebook page.