Christmas Starting in October – Photo of the Week

Christmas decorations in stores in ColombiaMichael: It is too early for Christmas. The above photo is a collage of photos taken at a Colombian store in early October 2016

Colombia, obviously, does not have Thanksgiving. They have no holiday that could mark the beginning of the Christmas season. Interesting though is that last year several stores advertised Black Friday. Yes, Colombians do celebrate Halloween, but not really in the manner that is done in the USA. Anyway, the stores here around Bogotá are already putting out Christmas stuff. Perhaps it is my old age and my American mentality, but this stuffing stores with Christmas this early gives me a creepy feeling. At least they should get Halloween out of the way first.

Graciela: I know this is for economic reasons for the stores. England also does not have a Thanksgiving and many people tell me the stores there  start in October calling it the “golden quarter” for making money. But still it is terrible for me.

Those with children tell me that they decorate very early to create the excitement of the season. Kids will start writing their letters to Niño Dios of what gifts they want. Here in Colombia presents are not brought by Santa Claus.

Michael: I am hearing though that Christmas creep is hitting some of the USA. I am curious. Is it just me or do others dislike the season coming three months early. Drop us a comment in the section below.