Cleaning the Water Tank – Photo of the Week

October 2015

Cleaning the water tankMichael: This is something I do not believe many of our readers in the USA have experienced. While yes, our water comes from the water company, it goes into a tank first before coming into the house. Most tanks are above the roof of the house to create sufficient pressure. But ours is larger than the normal house tank. The builder of the house found it better to place it in the ground. A pump is used to create more pressure than would be generated by just height. About every six months to a year is a good time to clean it.

Graciela: This time the job became necessary a little earlier than we had planned. A large pipe broke in the town. Sand entered the system and for two days our water came out of the tap yellow. That is not something I am fond of having. Once they removed the lid off our tank we also noticed dirt sediment at the bottom.

Michael: While I suppose that I could have done the job myself, the idea of wedging my gringo size old man body into the plastic tank just did not appeal to me. My wife called our gardner/handyman. Interesting is that he showed up with his neighbor’s young son. Evidently the gardener has wedged his body into one of these containers too many times.

We emptied out the water to a point where it was below the top of rubber boots. The young man descended into the hole. He scooped out the rest of the water putting it in a bucket which we raised up via a rope. Then using rags, the about 10- year old lad completely wiped down the container until it was clean of any dirt.

Cleaning the water tank is, just one more new thing I had to learn living in Colombia.

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