El Inglés Gastro Pub- English Restaurant in Bogotá has humour

July 2015

El Ingles hot beer signMichael: A sign on the wall exposes the English type chuckles the moment you walk in the door.

There were seven of us filing in with my wife in front. I anchored the line snaking single file between he tables and chairs of the narrow rooms. Up front I heard my wife say, “Good, you can talk to my husband. He’s American.” The man dressed in chef’s attire and looking very much like the person on the business card said to me, “I’m sorry to hear that.” Adding to the special brand of chuckles I did a double take on the backwards clock hanging on the wall.El Ingles backward clock

Normally we refrain writing about non-Colombian restaurants. It just makes no sense to me to travel to the country and eat French, Chinese or Italian. Plus Karen P. Attman over at Flavors of Bogotá does an excellent job of covering all the many fine restaurants in the city.

El Ingles Business card 2Graciela: El Inglés Gastro Pub is an exception for us. The place is not considered a tourist restaurant in the gringolandia area of the city. Located at Carrera 11 No 69-40 across the street from a funeral home and in an area filled with students, normal Colombian eat there. Not to mention it is owned and operated by an Englishman.

The menu is extensive and reflective of the name of the restaurant. Yes, you can get fish and chips, fish pie as well as other dishes. Many meals are under $10 USD.

Michael: It can’t be English without a selection of beer. In that department El Inglés does not disappoint. Oh, they also have ample choice of teas for those not wishing to partake of alcohol.

Graciela: I like the ambiance. Tables and chairs are all solid. There is a few high small tables just right for drinking a few beers. The music is there and at a volume for conversing with others at your table without yelling. Reproduction old signs decorate the wall and a rugby ball hangs from the ceiling.

Michael: Added bonus, there is WiFi available.

Absolutely no complaints with the service. The young female servers were attentive without hovering. And as for the taste of the food, everyone of the seven people at our table had nothing but compliments for the chef.

There are other English style restaurants in Bogotá. However for good selection and great taste at a reasonable price without all the extraneous whimsical flash, El Inglés cannot be beat.

They are open seven days a week from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Their Facebook page shows the menu and gives information about what games they may be presenting on TV. You can contact them via Email at Elinglescafe@gmail.com

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