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Michael:  I am from Michigan. Oh yes I remember surviving for 50 years those cold winters. Sometimes it was so far below zero  that moisture from my nose froze on my moustache eventually breaking off the hairs. In later years taking a break to warmer weather became a priority. Nothing better to help you survive until warm weather arrives than a week or more with warm weather and clear skies every day. But where to go was often the question. A few times Key West Florida called me. However two problems seemed to always emerge, cost and ability to get a place to stay that time of year.

Thought that now is a good time to help out my readers who are in cold regions by advising about the warm, beautiful and safe locations in Colombia. There are many, but my wife and I will hit a few of the ones we like and believe others will also.

To begin with let me state that American media, TV and movies do not properly present what Colombia is today. The country has changed much over the last years. Here is a writing in the Toronto Star about that. The places we recommend are very safe. Statistically they are considerably more safe than many other places in the world including many cities in the USA.

Now to cover the second concern. Since many of these places are pretty much undiscovered by the throngs of snow escapees you can get value for your money.

Cartagena – The most popular for international tourists is this Caribbean jewel with a rich history dating back to before Sir Francis Drake. It offers everything a tourist cold want, sun, beaches, all-inclusive hotels, good restaurants, unique shopping, night life and easy day trips to other parts of the Colombian coast.

Graciela:  Santa Marta – This is the place many Colombians head to. If offers much of what Cartagena does but for less money. Many Colombians are retiring to this coastal city. A great number of  hotels and apartments are under construction. Very near the city is Tayrona Park. This is a place for those who enjoy nature and adventure. The park offers both camping areas as well as cabins that look like the dwellings of the ancient indigenous people.

Michael:  Barranquilla – if you are looking for a Mardi Gras atmosphere with Caribbean flair then  this  is the place. Each year the city hosts the Carnaval de Barranquilla. Everyone is in high spirits. Forget sleeping, this is party hearty times. The dates for 2014 are March 1 through March 4.

Graciela:  San Andres and Providencia – However if you are less party person and more into just relaxing then Colombia has two islands just for you.

Michael:  I get to tell you about the smaller of the two because it is my favorite place. Providencia gets you away from everything. There are not even places to go shopping. We wrote about the island and presented photos in an earlier writing.

Graciela:  San Andres is bigger than Providencia and it has more to do. There are all-inclusive resorts and a downtown area with plenty of shopping. We most often use the Decameron all inclusive resorts when visiting the island.  Here is Michael’s writing about our most recent visit to San Andres.

One of the beaches in San Andres

One of the beaches in San Andres

Michael:  If you do not need the beach scene but enjoy hot weather then Colombia offers a variety of places, many of them close to Bogotá. With an average temperature about 83 degrees, Melgar has a couple of large all inclusive resorts, Colsubsidio and Cafam.

Graciela:  Both places offer plenty to do for the children. Adults can find some great shopping by visiting the town.

Michael:  La Vega is another place we wrote about earlier. About 1 1/2 hours from Bogotá the area offers homes you can rent for a month stay.

Graciela:  In my opinion Bogotá has the best weather, never too hot and never too cold. year round it averages between 40 degrees and 70 degrees. The city offers fantastic shopping, unique museums, quality hotels and world class restaurants

Michael:  If you have a question then leave us a comment below. Hope you get a chance to get out of the cold and visit this wonderful South American country.

Writings about what to do in Bogotá include:  Gold Museum Candelaria

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