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Michael:  In the Usaquen barrio of Bogotá many restaurants surround Felinos. However it is the one place my wife and I eat at most often when we are in the neighborhood. And yes, we sometimes make a special trip there to enjoy the food.

Graciela:  It is a lunch place. You get a good balanced meal at a fair price. The style is what we call an ejecutivo. I guess the closest in English would be an executive lunch. They start you out with your choice of either a soup or fruit. Then the plate usually contains a meat, rice, salad and often times either yucca or potato. The meal is finished off with a small desert. Felinos also serves the Colombian soup of ajiaco, which is a balanced meal in itself.

The menu posted on the outside wall lists several dishes. Michael and I usually take the plato Del Día (plate of the day) and have never been disappointed.

Felinos Cat photos 640 x 396Michael:  Once through the door you will see an exhibition style kitchen in the back right corner.  About a dozen black tables form the “L” in front and down the side of the area for cooking. Each is set with bamboo placemats. The whole arrangement makes for expedient and easy service to get your food to you.

Looking at the walls one understands the name of the place. There are cat photos and related items everywhere. The atmosphere is one of friendliness in a cat lovers home.

Graciela:  In eight years of frequenting this ejecutivo the service has always been top notch. The servers hustle constantly. Food is delivered in a timely manner and tables cleared and set up again quickly.

Michael:  Felinos is not the unique place that travel writers seem to enjoy making readers believe they discovered. This is typical Colombian lunch fare, the type that most working Bogotanos eat. In my opinion this is the type of place visitors should eat instead of coming to Colombia and going to an Italian, German or Japanese restaurant.

Graciela:  The restaurant is located in the second block to the South from the Usaquén central park.  If you are at the Hacienda mall it is half way down the street from the exit near the food court. Usually there are artisans selling their crafts on the other side of the road.

Michael:  I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed in the lunch they receive there. As my wife says, it has the three B’s bueno, bonito y barato. Basically them means it is good, looks good and is well priced. Really, my fellow gringos, this is a restaurant to experience when in town.

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