Five Reasons why 2015 is Your Year to Visit Colombia

January 2015

Colombia map largeThere are many excellent reasons to visit Colombia anytime in the future. Readers have read in our blogs about such things as one of a kind museums like the Gold Museum, stress free Caribbean islands like Providencia and historical cities including Cartagena. However there are five good reasons why you should make 2015 your year.

No. 1 – The American dollar is the strongest it has been against the Colombian peso in over six years. it was not that long ago that you received 1,600 pesos for your buck. But as of this writing the exchange is hovering at about 50% more or 2,400 pesos. Then throw in that Colombia is one of the least expensive countries to visit in the world. Your dollar really stretches here.

No. 2 – See the real Colombia – Except for a few areas in Bogotá, Colombia has yet to populate itself with the gringo tourist traps that many other Latin American places have. This is the opportunity to see Colombia as it really is (that is if you venture out of the few gringolandia areas). What you will encounter are warm friendly people and a beautiful diverse land.

No. 3 – Chance to get arts and crafts before the art is lost – In our travels to small towns we frequently find items not seen anywhere else. More times than we would like to hear, shop owners tell us the art of making the piece is dying. Young people do not want to learn the craft. You can get what can almost be a one of a kind piece of art.

No. 4 – Check out where you want to retire – “What, retire in Colombia,” you ask. Yes, I know many gringos who have retired here already. Not to mention that International Living has named the country the seventh best place for Americans to retire.

Regardless of where you are the weather is pretty much the same all year. You just have to choose how warm you want to be. Bogotá is like an early spring in the Midwest of the USA. Cartagena and the Caribbean Islands of the country are sunny days with warm breezes in the evening. Then places like Eje Cafeterio and Medellin are in between those two.

The World Health Organization rates Colombia’s medical above that of the USA. So come now and check out the country. See what place feels like home and purchase before others drive up the prices like has happened in other countries.

No. 5 – Get the most from the country while you can – Many people traveling have paid their dues in life work wise, raised their children and saved their money. To really enjoy Colombia often involves more physical exertion than some are use to. Bogotá, for instance, is 8,600 feet above sea level. That is 30% higher than Denver, Colorado. It can take time to get use to the altitude. As we stated in our writing “What to pack and wear to enjoy Bogotá” this is a walking country. The better physical shape you are in the more you can enjoy Colombia. And each year our lives seem to slow us down a bit.

And if you are in need of any medical attention to bring you up to full speed then this is the place. Many doctors and medical facilities match that found in the USA. A great number of doctors speak English. And the best part is the cost is much less than in the States. Whether you need dental, eye or even heart procedures you can get it in Colombia for a fair price.


  1. Being a fan of warmer weather…the place sounds great…but
    I have never been a fan of labels that divide people. We are, if anything, “Earthlings”. Many of my friends here in Southern California say that the name “gringo” is more often than not a disparaging label for non-Spanish speaking people. I have lived here for 47 years and my friends of hispanic background would never think of calling me “gringo”. The etymology of the word is very interesting, but even Webster’s defines it as “often disparaging”. I suppose that every cultural faction has names for those outside their “sphere”, but in my opinion the sooner we face the fact that we are all in this together, we will find ourselves living in a better place.
    I am usually turned off immediately by anyone, anywhere that uses terms like “beaner”, “kike” and yes gringo.
    By the way the origin of the name Kike is from Ellis Island days when Jewish immigrants that were illiterate refused to sign their papers with an “X” and instead used an “O”. The yiddish word for circle is kikel.
    Just my thoughts and hope they are taken with the respect that they are offered.

    1. Michael,
      Muchas gracias for reading our blog and especially for taking time to write a comment. Since our experience is different than yours you put us to thinking and researching. That led us to blog posts by others and created another blog post for us. Wishing you a great year.

      …. Michael and Graciela

  2. Nice post, I know I always have a fond heart for Colombia. Have been twice and would be more than happy to visit again.
    And you can call me a gringo, just as they call me farang in Thailand. As much as we all wish to be earthlings on an equal footing there will always be categorization going on. Part of life.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    1. Frank – thanks for stopping by, reading and taking time for a comment. Glad to you enjoyed Colombia and do hope you come again. Let me know when you and the other half are in town.

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