Frambuesa -Restaurant Review

One of our top three favorite places for lunch in Bogotá.

frambresa menu top 640Michael: “Frambuesa.” Very frequently when my wife asks me where I would like to go for lunch I choose that restaurant.

consomme 2 320The company has a couple locations in the city, but my choice always goes to the one at Cra 13A No. 93 – 17. The good news for visitors is that the restaurant is just a couple blocks from the major gringolandia area of Parque 93. Even better news is that, in my opinion, you get a more healthy filling meal for a value price than you do at the multitude of restaurants encroaching upon the park.

Graciela: They serve a balanced meal. No matter what main dish you order a consomme and a plate of various fruits arrives first. Then your meat dish comes with both vegetable and some kind of potato.

fruit plate 320Michael: I find their opening food salvos an excellent start to the meal. For your main dish they have a selection of meats for you to choose from You can get just one type of meat or fish or order something that has beef, chicken and pork on the same plate, and they don’t skimp on the portions.

For those watching their waist lines there are also half portions available.

My absolute favorite is the Frambuesa Especial. Here you get a nice pechuga al la plancha along with a green bean salad and potato salad. I am a huge fan of the taste of the salads. To date my senses have been unable to decipher what makes them so good. But at this point, with their prices I am content to go there and eat instead of trying to duplicate the flavor at home.

Graciela: The place does a very rapid lunch business both inside and delivery. There are two floors each with black metal tables and chairs. Motorcycle delivery men are constantly hurrying in and out picking up and delivering the take-outs.

Michael: Decoration is simple with a French theme. It always makes me wonder because the name of the place means “strawberry” in English. There are reproduction posters on the walls along with a few Colombian type knickknacks. The focal point is a curvy wall separating the room from the bathroom doors and features a theme of two people sitting at an outside European café.

Graciela: I’ve been eating at Frambuesa for about fifteen years. I have never had an unpleasant experience with the food or the service. Everything is delivered in a timely manner, finished plates are cleared quickly and servers are always paying attention.

Michael: As for drinks, Graciela and I oscillate between their natural fruit juices and a good Colombian beer. They also have a wine selection available.

Personally I prefer to go on a Saturday or Sunday when the place is not so busy. It is located near one of our favorite movie theaters, Cinemania. Very little is better on a weekend than eating a good meal, walking the park and taking in a movie. Not to mention that the theater is on our list of best places in Bogotá to grab a coffee and snack.

Graciela: I never fight my husband when he wants to eat there, and it is a place I feel confident in recommending to visitors. Frambuesa delivers on every aspect. We are always satisfied and when paying the bill even more satisfied.

For more information you can check out their website

UPDATE: We do not know the reason, but the Frambresa at the above location has closed its doors.

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