Interviews With Expats and Travelers About Life Abroad

by Michael

Can you really retire early in another country or constantly travel and have a better overall life? You may have heard or read the stories of those who quit the rat race, escaped the corporate cubicle and now enjoy life. For most people the logic makes no sense unless you have a ton of money.

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Tony Argyle of The Expat Chat

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk with those claiming to have the easier life. You could poke them with the tough questions. Find out how they manage the life outside the hustle of working or if their claims are a sham.

While on limited holiday, Tony Argyle and his wife met a couple, Steve and Pam, living the dream. Argyle noticed that the man, the same age as him, looked younger and more relaxed than he did. This prompted the Australian to find and interview more people like those he just met. To quote him from his website, “The more stories like Steve and Pam’s I found the more I realized that the dream life wasn’t impossible and it didn’t belong in a blog or magazine.”

expat chat logoRealizing that others would enjoy hearing the stories prompted the Australian to start The Expat Chat. On his website he posts podcasts of interviews with those who live in other countries or travel the world. Argyle is an excellent interviewer. He does not ply interviewees with fluff stuff inquiries but gets right to the meat of the subject. Questions are often about how much it costs them to live and how they make their money. Of course he also gets into their life and lifestyle. And the questions for everyone are not the same. He knows how to go off script and follow a story.

I feel honored to be among the first interviewed by Argyle. In fact when we did the interview via Skype he mentioned he was still learning the equipment. Now his website has over 100 podcasts for visitors to listen to free of charge. The talks are also available on iTunes.

The range of those interviewed is extensive. He begins with Dave Dean. The man left Australia in 2011 and continues to travel seemingly pretty much without a plan. John and Monika Mundell talk about how they cruise the world without it costing as much as people think. And do not think that children prevent your travel. In the Matt and Hannah Curtis interview the couple claim children are the reason to be expats. It was a near-death experience in older age that made Barbara Weibel (now 63 years-old) escape from a corporate life she hated and put her on the road. In her interview she talks about how a single woman can travel 60 countries safely. Diana Edelman found out that happiness did not come from her dream job. So she went to Thailand and spent over 2 years helping take care of elephants. Argyle caught up with her in Madrid for the interview. Of the over 100 other chats there are those who found themselves, found methods to make money various ways, fought depression, obtained happiness and even purchased a winery without experience.

Argyle says it best on his website with, “These podcasts have been created for one reason only… to show you that this life is real, it is possible and it can be yours.”


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