Juan Valdez Café in Bazaar Mall – Ambiance, Service & Pets

March 2016

Juan Valdez Bazaar open areaGraciela: My husband and I have always been a fan of Juan Valdez coffee shops. In terms of product quality each one always delivers. And every one we have visited offers free Wi-Fi. What makes the difference between the company’s stores is ambiance and service. In those areas the Bazaar Mall shop is ahead of their other locations in the Chia/Cajica area of Colombia.

Michael: For many years we lived in Bogotá along with over eight million other people. The city has hundreds if not thousands of places to partake of the black brew. But one Juan Valdez shop made both our 2013 list and our 2014 list of the best coffee shops in the capital city. While the ambiance at the location is better than most, the service from the employees made the difference. The same is true for the Bazaar Mall shop.

The first thing one notices is there are no places inside enclosed walls to sit. The sales area is in a small building that is open when two of the metal sides are up. A patio with glass and wood ceiling covers four tables. In the walk area for the strip mall stands two large umbrellas. Tables and chairs surround them. There are some plants around and the mall design includes a small moat of water.

Juan Valdez Bazaar pet friendlyGraciela: The entire area is open. There are no walls or shrub borders. You can see everything around. That is what I like about it. You get a breeze constantly. Between the patio and umbrellas patrons are out of the sun and dry when it rains.

Of course being so spacious it is also promoted as dog friendly. They even advertise for you to bring your canine friend to keep you company while enjoying a coffee.

Michael: Service is where this Juan Valdez really shines. Being greeted with an honest smile is not unusual. I do not get a feeling of fake sincerity with the “Buenos días,” greeting.

Despite frequently having only one person work the counter they are always more expedient than with the sometimes seven employees at the Fontanar Mall Juan Valdez. On more than one occasion the barista offered to bring our drinks to the table when there might be a bit of a wait because of other customers. That has never happened at any of the over 50 Juan Valdez locations we visited in the past.

Everything is kept clean and orderly. In the two years of our patronage we have never arrived to find an empty dirty table. The condiment stand is always stocked. I cannot say that for too many other places.

Graciela: If you are like me and enjoy quality coffee and snack in a open clean area, not to mention the ability to have your dog join you, then the Juan Valdez at Bazaar mall is the place.


  1. I love Juan Valdez coffee houses! I wish they were here in Tennessee, I spent a total of 9 months in Medellin and Envigado, I really hated I had to leave, I love Colombia and would love to live there! I miss everything about it “

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