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Sign 320Michael:  There are theme restaurants in Bogotá that receive more press than La Juguetería, but not one of them  overall is as good. Well, that is unless you enjoy paying inflated prices in a place so loud that you yell to have a table conversation.

The owners are not new to the business. They are experienced in what makes for an enjoyable meal at a place where adults can enjoy but is not just suitable for, but pleasurable for children as well. We dined at their second restaurant near the corner of Avenida 19 and Calle 147. At the time of this writing it had only been eight months since opening.


toys on wall 640Juguete is Spanish for toy. Juguetería means a place of toys. Indeed the theme hits you even before you enter. Outside sits a large toy train. Once through the main entrance several showcases of old toys greets you  before encountering a hostess. Inside more toys are placed around as well as mounted on the walls. A large Yoda from Star Wars stands on the bar greeting customers while a life-size Batman keeps an eye on things from the stair landing.

Decoration creates the feeling of a fun place. Servers wear uniforms of red with white stripes. the tables are designed so that salt shaker 150two people can easily enjoy a private meal, or many tables can be quickly and easily assembled to accommodate large groups. Brightly colored cloth napkins adorn the tables. The backs of the chairs are painted with dolls, comic characters and other toy type designs. Heck, even the brightly colored salt shakers of mustached bakers add to the look. Televisions are placed around showing cartoons from when I was a child. While we ate, the music of hits from the 1970’s played loud enough to enjoy but not so loud as to disturb a conversation.

The menu continues the theme. Names like Blanca Nieves (Snow White), Moby Dick, Nemo, Chicken Little and Vaca Loca (crazy cow) announce different plates.

inside 640There is also a large variety available. Menu sections include pescado (fish), Cerdo (pork) pollo (chicken), sopas (soups), ensaladas and vegetales (salads and vegetables) as well as many beef plates.

Taste is also there. We were a party of seven and everyone agreed their food had excellent taste. If I have any complaint it would be there should be more salad with the meal.

Graciela:  I share my husband’s enthusiasm for the taste. However, the salad was enough for me.

In terms of drinks they range from fruit juices to coffees and beer.

beer 150Michael:  Let me interrupt my wife here. They do not just serve beer, they serve artesanal brews. And yes I sampled their products and approve. While your kids enjoy their fruit juices you can delight your tastebuds with a unique beer.

Graciela:  You can have a restaurant with the best food and drink but the service is what makes it. La Juguetería is very good in that area.  Servers were always close in view and not hiding in the kitchen. Management had sufficient workers to handle the crowd. Everyone was friendly and helpful even taking time to take a photo of the group for us.

Michael:  I agree with my wife, the servers were very good. That is something I do not find at most Colombian eating establishments. Since they are all young I believe that management trained them very well.

Graciela:  La Juguetería is the type of place that you can feel confident in recommending to others. It is almost impossible for a person not to enjoy themselves there.

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