Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense – Where the Locals Dine for Lunch

October 2015

Michael: There are two things about Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense I can say for certain. In my ten years of frequenting there I have never received a bad meal or bad service. The second is that in all that time I have never seen another gringo face.

mi Gran logoThe name has three locations throughout the city but we eat almost entirely at the location in the North at Autopista North Calle 162 No. 22-68. In my opinion it has the best combination of atmosphere and service.

Graciela: For our non-Colombian readers perhaps a little information is helpful. In the name is the word “parrilla.” This mean food is cooked on a grill over an open fire. As my husband tell me, this is why the meat and other items, such as potatoes have the great taste they do. Then there is the word “Boyacense.” Boyacá is a department in Colombia. The equivalent is a State in the United States. Food from that area of Colombia is very natural and some of the most tasty in the country. And this restaurant has an extensive menu of the best dishes that come from Boyacá.

Michael: Most important for me is that the portions are gringo size. I always walk out with that filled satisfied feeling. As for my wife, let’s just say our two dogs are glad we go there.

Mi Gran Parrilla insideGraciela: Diners have an enjoyable meal and conversation. Black framed study chairs surround white tablecloth covered tables. These are not too close together so that your conversation is not part of the other table. Servers dressed in black pants, white shirt, black tie and wearing a dark brown apron are vigilant without hovering.

Michael: The drink list is just as extensive as the food. You can order anything from natural fruit juices to mixed drinks. Beer choices include both national and imported brands.

Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense is not a late night venue. the Calle 162 location operates from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week.

With the upscale atmosphere, courteous service and fantastic food Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense is certainly a value. My personal opinion is this is the place you go in Bogotá to experience the taste of Boyacá.

Graciela: A testament to their popularity is that the parking lots (yes, they have more than one) are always full. My recommendation is to take a taxi to the restaurant. During the day it is also easy to catch a taxi back to where you are staying.

Michael: Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense has a web page. From there you can peruse their entire food and drink menu, view some of their more popular dishes as well as make reservations or contact them.

For even more information and photos check out their Facebook page. As for what others say about the place then their Twitter account may be the place to look.

Personally I believe the subtitle to their name on their website says it all, Sabores y aromas orgullo de mi tierra – Flavors and aromas, pride of my land. This is a taste you will not find in restaurants in the gringolandia areas of the city.

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