Moksha Coffee Shop Owner Found on Other Side of World

July 2016

Found 300She disappeared seemingly without a trace. Moksha Coffee Shop made our list for the top ten places to have coffee in Bogotá. In fact the shop held the number one spot. In our initial interview with owner, Thana Carvajal, she bubbled with enthusiasm over creating quality food and coffee. The former actress also expressed visions of helping other Colombians through the expansion of her venture.

What made Moksha our number one choice was a dedication to every detail in her establishment from food to service. In our opinion she strived to present customers the best whether it be coffee, bread or one of her cupcakes.

Thana moved Moksha’s location once to a higher traffic area trying to make a go of the business. Then she just disappeared. No one we spoke with knew where. There existed rumors of travel. Our only clue was an obscure mention about Melbourne Australia.


Cupcakes is a specialty of Moksha

Cupcakes is a specialty of Moksha

The door opened to an apartment in an obviously new building located in the former industrial area of Melbourne. A young woman, looking more rested and happier than we remembered, greeted us in the typical Colombian style of a kiss on one cheek. To Michael she said, “I could never talk to you in Colombia but now we can have a conversation. What she meant was before she spoke only Spanish. In one year she mastered English.

Her Colombian boyfriend, Thomas, offered us something to drink and we sat down for a long conversation. He hails from the Medellin area of Colombia, but previously studied and worked in Australia.

Thana talked about how difficult she found it for a small business owner in Colombia. It was Thomas who convinced her to leave. He believed her culinary school education and experience would do well in Australia. Finally on one of those days when nothing was going correctly she acquiesced.

Moksha Thana and ThomasThe couple did not take a direct route to their destination. They spent time in both New York and Dubai checking out opportunities. And life did not start out easy in the Australian city. She told us of initially working in janitorial services. Now she considers  those times of cleaning bathrooms and manning heavy cleaning machines as a good experience.

But Thomas was right. It did not take long before her resume got her a position working with one of the top chefs in Australia. Pretty much learning English on the job she is very happy with her  work.

We spoke with the couple about the future. Another coffee shop is not in the plans. But a distributorship catering to Melbourne’s many coffee shops is contemplated. Such a venture would utilize both of their talents.

What the Moksha coffee shop offered in Colombia is missed. But we wish Thana the very best and believe her talents and knowledge will bring her success in the future.