Muu – Restaurant Review

This restaurant has much to moo about.

Muu Restaurant sign 150x72Graciela: We really enjoy this restaurant on a warm sunny day. After discovering it from a friend we have returned three times in as many months. Unlike many restaurants on the outskirts of Bogotá, Muu’s charming atmosphere is not revealed from the road. You must enter the grounds to expose the ambiance. They use barriers of plants to avoid what little road noise there is and to create a garden atmosphere.

Michael: A “Buenas tardes,” greeted us as we exited the car in the parking lot after being waved in by young lads on the street with red flags. The hostess, with a smile on her face, escorted us to a table.

Muu plants 640X480The place is relaxing. A fabric covering stretches over wooden beams protecting diners from the direct rays of the sun. Live plants separate the wooden tables. Climbing plants with beautiful white flowers grow up the supports creating an overhead garden.Muu flowers 150

It is also a great place for those with children. A large field with soccer nets is close by and within sight of the dining adults.

Graciela: The menu features chicken, fish, various cuts of beef and the Colombian soup, ajiaco. A server put placements down immediately and took our drink order. We decided upon of one of their natural fruit drinks. This time Michael and I both ordered the churrasco for our main dish.

Michael: The term churrasco means slightly different things in different Latin American countries. Here in Colombia it refers to a quality steak cooked over a fire.

Muu salad y potato 150sqGraciela: Our spinach salad with fruits came first. Everything was natural, no added sauce.

Michael: This start to our meal gave us a fresh taste with a hint of fruit left over on the tongue. This was just the beginning to their detail to taste.

Muu meat 320x176The young lady delivered my dish just the way I like it, still sizzling on a heated metal piece set inside a wood board with a handle. The presentation creates what I like to call the five senses dish. Sight is a nice cut of beef devoid of fat. Hearing is the sizzle of the meat still hot from the parrilla. Smell rises from the hot piece of meat and in turn excites the taste buds. Touch is the soft amount of pressure needed to cut through the meat. Taste comes from Colombian grass fed cows then the steak is cooked over a wood fire.

Graciela: Continuing on from my husband’s comment about paying attention to taste detail the tomato served is another example. The inside is hallowed out and replaced with mashed potatoes and cheese then baked. Then there is the condiments of chimichurri and aji. Both are obviously homemade. The taste is both fresh and with a perk to the tongue.

Michael: For our gringo readers ají and chimichurri are sauces used on meat and other items. The former being red and spicy with the later green and mild.

Muu cow 142x300Graciela: Unlike many other places, included in the price of the meal is either a coffee or aromatica to finish off the eating experience.

Michael: When you ask for and receive the bill it comes inside a small wood cow. Perhaps I should explain that while in English the sound a cow makes is “moo” to get the correct pronunciation in Spanish it is written, “muu.” The prices are very reasonable. My wife and I spent under $25 USD for the both of us.

The restaurant is located on the way to pueblo Tenjo and about 7 kilometers from the Bogotá line. The scenic drive there also adds to the entire experience.

Graciela: We both recommend Muu as a great place to experience some of the good food of Colombia.

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