Myriam Camhi – Elegance in a coffee shop and a flair with pastries

MC cookies and coffeeGraciela: In over 12 years I have purchased many cakes and other pastries from Myriam Camhi. The simple reason is because they are excellent.

Michael: According to the story on the menu it started over 30 years ago with one woman baking in her home. Today one can find their goods at nine locations in Bogotá and they can even be ordered from their website.

Graciela: We like to take coffee at their headquarters and restaurant/coffee shop located at Calle 80 #8-08. This is the zona Rosa area. Nearby hotels include Hotel bh El Retiro, La Boheme and Hamilton Court.

Michael: The decoration is a classical elegance. The converted home has a Federal period design to it. You pass two columns to enter through a door flanked by glass side windows and black metal decoration. The outside sitting areas are covered and in one part there are glass walls. Another part is like a garden setting surrounded by high hedges and the covering is held up by large bamboo poles. For more chilly days they have heaters stationed around. But here again attention to detail shows. While many other places with the same type of heaters leave them the standard gun metal grey color, Myriam Camhi has colors. They are white in the area with a white and black theme and red for the garden designed area featuring the color on the pillows that are there. This provides a pleasing visual.

The servers are dressed in white shirts, black pants and wear aprons of brown and red colors.

MC Toston papa con salmonGraciela: In the most basic essence the place is a pasteleria (pastry shop). But to leave it at that is an understatement. In reality you can choose from salads, soups and wraps. They offer both a breakfast and lunch menu. My husband and I enjoyed their toston papa con salmon as well as pastelitos de carne and pollo, then finished everything off with coffee and a variety of cookies.

Michael: Try their fantastic deserts at the headquarters location while enjoying a cup of coffee. And since your tastebuds will surely leave you wanting more, remember they can supply cakes for special occasions like birthdays plus they do desert tables for large events like weddings.

Graciela: The prices, while slightly more than some regular coffee shops, are very appropriate for the value delivered. This is the place you take someone if you wish to impress them.

Michael: Myriam Camhi is impressive in many respects. When in Bogotá, I recommend a visit. They are open daily from 6:30 a.m. till 8:30 p.m. You will not be disappointed.

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