Newsletter headBelow are links to our monthly newsletters along with a short description of what they cover:

March 2019
USA clueless about drugs in Colombia, Venezuelans everywhere, who really set the trucks on fire, 50 of the USA interfering with Colombia and Colombians do not want drugs.

February 2019
Playing in sand only for rich kids, trouble brewing at the Colombian/Venezuelan border, get a ticket for eating in Colombia, another poke at the blue buses and where to get more Latin American news.

January 2019
Colombian named athlete of the year, street parking Bogota style, bomb goes off in the city, assassinations of social leaders and not a good way to start the new year.

December 2018
Another report saying American drug policy misses target by a wide margin, what exactly is celebrating with a Novena, they call that a bus service, about bullshitters and should students protest.

November 2018
Assailed by hackers, the Chinese are spying on me, Roger Waters in favor of students and complaints of bad coffee in Colombia.

October 2018
Most American mall in Colombia, Gringolandia is more gringolandia, and retire to Colombia or Spain.

September 2018
“Raped, Robbed and Screwed Over in Colombia,” U.S. taxpayers paying for Venezuela and they lie about eradicating coca.

August 2018
How much does it cost to live in Colombia. We share our expenses.

July 2018
Looking at Colombian culture through the eyes of Colombians.

May 2018
This is the first of our new style of newsletter. It covers more of our personal experience. It also touches on on mass transportation in Bogota plus elections and the media.

April 2018 What is happening with tourism, United Nations report on human rights, did the military kill more civilians than terrorists? and more.

March 2018 Drugs by the numbers, what it is like dating Colombian men, what you should know about dating Colombia women, military generals embezzling millions and more.

February 2018 Twice a year I celebrate the day of love, getting the police involved in a marriage proposal, who says Colombia is the place to visit in 2018 and more.

January 2018 Did you know that Adolf Hitler lived in Colombia? Is the rude disrespectful naked tourist an American? Are Colombian women beautiful? Find out in our latest newsletter.

December 2017
Word Cup predictions, advertising or real story about Colombia, Unions slam Free Trade Agreement, Joseph Macmanus is what type of ambassador, Uber in trouble, Canadian senator dies in Colombia.

November 2017
Colombia drops in global competitiveness, addicted to a Colombian food, no homework for students is best?, extreme cronyism plus 91% dislike of political parties.

October 2017
Thanks to Aviature for their help, Pablo on the big screen, again American succumb to Colombian women, magic video about Colombia and more.

September 2017
Again American security detail caught with Colombian women, not spelling Colombian correctly, the Pope visits, Colombians hate politicians more than terrorists and more.

August 2017
Colombia is cycling country, Rock climbing, Colombian travel blogger, the country’s economic future, Gautier Mignot is the French Ambassador to Colombia, new blog covering Medellin and don’t get an Americano just because you are gringo.

July 2017
Love Hotels, Medellin pollution stats, Colombian politician arrest for laundering money and another person complaining about customer service in Colombia.

June 2017
Colombian women and U.S. Marines, customer service, killing a tourist attraction, Australian woman arrested for drugs, Colombian education and more.

May 2017
A culinary experience, sinners responsible for coffee, rental prices in Medellin, beating depression, great food & more.

April 2017
Quitting job at age 44 to travel, Colombia not happiest country, Americans fooled about drugs, one man’s view of beautiful women and more.

March 2017
See Colombia as a solo traveler, Colombian movies, Women’s soccer in Colombia, are drugs Colombia’s fault? and getting money while in the country.

February 2017
A travel blogger that got arrested, a little wine leads to life in Colombia, Colombian make more money but can buy less and a beautiful hike in Colombia

January 2017
Party with Colombians and loose your job, old photos of Bogotá, Vogue magazine votes Colombia best place to travel, speaking the Colombian Spanish and Christopher Burke street scenes.

December 2016
Día de las Velitas, Novenas, Día de Reyes Magos, Andrés Carne de Res, peace deal ratification and more.

November 2016
What to know before traveling to Colombia, Piedad Cordoba may return, Juan Gabriel Vásquez article and more.

October 2016
The agreement between the Colombian government and the left-wing FARC is voted down by the people. A well known writer about Colombia is now in Iran writing about that country.

September 2016
Looking at marriage in Colombia, one person who just left for Colombia, the country in the Olympics and a recipe for arroz con pollo.

August 2016
This month we cover more Colombian coffee available, a new cartel movie, the best ice cream places in Bogotá and how to keep your parents happy when you travel.

Mid July 2016
There was so much news this was our first mid-month newsletter. This missive covers links to information when you visit Colombia, another opinion about what to do in Cartagena and a change in the cocaine production in Colombia.

July 2016
Colombia beats the U.S.A. twice, kids and a Colombian island, a Colombian writes about being an expat, hitman could become a senator, picking a good travel camera and more.

June 2016
Sexually active hipos, stupid kids, U.S. senator undermines peace to save campaign contributions, what one person learned traveling the world, eating ants and more.

May 2016
It was a Murhpy’s Law month and we explain that. Links to a wonderful picada restaurant as well as talks with expats. And Michael goes off on U.S. based airlines.

April 2016
Secrets to living, working and traveling in Colombia. Another blogger gives their opinion on Trip Advisor. New money coming to Colombia. A different way of treating potholes. Interview with an expat. Plus a roundup of our March blogs.

March 2016
Links to travel bloggers who write in Spanish – Soon you can save even more when visiting Colombia – Colombia gets Oscar nomination – Our February blog roundup including a speakeasy joint with great Italian food.

February 2016
A sailing hostel, travel blog world full of shit, adventuresome young ladies, coffee information and more. This newsletter has links to six different bloggers as well as our round-up of five blogs written in January.

January 2016
There is more gold in the Gold Museum than is shown. Karen over at Flavors of Bogota talks about if you should purchase a place in the Caribbean city of Cartagena as well as another about finding bagels in this South American country. Colombians can now travel to many European countries without having to get a visa first. And there is a link to a report about the best city in Colombia to live in. Colombia’a almost two in a row Miss Universe. Then there is the writing about tolerating stupidity. Why Amazon ads now occupy a position on our page is talked about. Then there are the links to our previous blogs of: Chimichurri, WASSA, Ancheta and DPASO Café and Bakery.

December 2015 – 25 things to experience in Colombia, where to find graphic index of our blogs, getting more Colombians to speak English, Colombia’s Barista champion, Where to find more Colombian bloggers, the beauty of Miss Colombia, Guatape with Angelo, Cartagena mangroves tour, and info for investing in homes in Colombia. Covering past blogs of, Where to shop for Colombian crafts, 3 days in Barranquilla, Probocatto coffee shop review and Black Friday in Colombia.

November 2015 – Early Christmas decorating in Colombia, Colombian President nominated for Nobel Peace, Five reasons to visit Colombia and hostels in Colombia, Blogs of the new Fontanar mall, cleaning the water tank, Coffee shops of Centro Chia, why we do not review some places, new Colombian forum opens and restaurant review of Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense.

October 2015 – Another take on Salento, Colombia, 12 photos to entire you to visit Colombia, top 6 dangers faced when visiting Colombia, and Colombian elite restaurants. Links to our blogs about our trip to the USA.

September 2015 – Paying taxes in Colombia, Michael and Graciela on Blog Lovin, A Colombian is a scout for USA pro basketball, one of 5 world Eco villages in Colombia, Salento, Colombia by Jon Algie, photos of Colombian birds, Bandeja Paisa in Bogotá and getting cheaper to visit Colombia. Our past blogs highlighted include: Cafe Kerub coffee shop, Grun coffee shop and funny stop signs.

August 2015 – links to writing about the USA spying on Colombia, Backpacking in Colombia, Laura Restrepo Ortega and her camera captures Colombia, hiking to a lost city in Colombia, a small farm for sale and Colombians win international Salsa competition. Our blogs include a checklist for visiting Colombia, why Colombia is a country for travelers, Ivan Guayasamin, Getting the Colombian expat cedula, the origin of onces and review of an English pub in Bogota.

July 2015 – Food on San Andres Island, the Colombian women’s soccer team, how Guanábana kills cancer, what blogs we read, a cliff diving Colombian and rating of how expensive Bogotá is.  Links to our blogs include: Women’s world cup, tourist malls in Bogota and our recommendation as an Internations blogger.

June 2015 – We talk about if Gringo is a bad word in Colombia, the 14 ton statue of a naked man, one way to keep Colombian roads safe, review of Caramelo coffee shop and why we left Bogotá and where we went.