Pernilones in Mosquera – Restaurant Review

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Michael:  Exceptional taste, attractive  price and enough on the plate to fill a gringo appetite is what Pernilones in Mosquera delivers. It is my type of place.

Graciela:  We drove to the city of Mosquera, Colombia for business and found ourselves staying to have lunch with a friend. The city is about 30 minutes from Bogotá. Well, the time it takes to get there depends on the amount of trucks on the road. It is an area of many manufacturing businesses and therefore a shipping point.

Michael:  Attractions and tourism is definitely not a strong suit of the city. However, we have the thought in the USA to eat where you see plenty of trucks parked. It is a sure sign of good cheap food. Pernilones is not a greasy spoon truck stop by any means though. I found the restaurant located at Calle 3 No 2-34 este to be very clean.

Graciela:  Their feature item is chicken. You see many of them roasting over a charcoal fire as you enter. The smell can easily draw in customers. A variety of drinks including natural juices, sodas and beer is available.

Michael:  The taste lives up to the smell. My wife and I both ordered Pachuga al la plancha. It might be difficult to calculate from the photo below, but the meat that stretches from one  end of the large plate to the other is about a half-inch thick.Pernilones Pechuga a la Plancha 640

Graciela:  Many office workers from the near by plants eat at Pernilones even though the factories have a cafeteria. Pernilones has two floors with enough booths to hold about 50 or 60 diners.

Michael:  Our server was polite and expedient even though she had to climb the stairs several times to serve us. Over all ambience makes one feel comfortable. If I have any complaint, and it is a small one, while the meals are gringo size the booth I sat in was not. The bench was too close to the table.

Graciela:  Pernilones has what we call in Colombia as the three B’s – Bueno, Bonito and Barato. In English that translates to good, good looking and cheap. For three of us to eat, including drinks, the bill came to $16 USD.

Michael:  It is the type of place that if I am looking for a drive outside the city I might just make the trip  to Pernilones to eat.

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