Pesquera Jaramillo – An Exception to the Rule

Best food of the sea since 1934 150 x 70Michael:  There are two reasons why I generally avoid restaurants in the gringolandia areas of Bogotá.  The first is I believe that when in Colombia one should partake of the delicious national cuisine. Most of the areas where over cautious visitors feel safe contain restaurants that you can find in the U.S.A. like TGI Friday, Subway and McDonalds or food from other countries. My second reason for avoidance is that the restaurants in the area usually have over inflated prices. You can often get much better food at better prices in other – still very safe – parts of the city

Like everything in life there are exceptions. For great seafood you can’t beat Pesquera Jaramillo. The restaurant that specializes in delicacies from the sea has over 75 years experience. In fact, if you are willing to shuck out the $60 USD to $80 USD you can get a book that details the company’s tradition to quality.logo-pesquera-jaramillo 150 X 44

Pesquera Jaramillo has two restaurant locations plus a gourmet express location where you can purchase their line of seafood products. My wife and I chose the restaurant across the street from Parque 93. Upon entering the first thing to catch your eye is the large lobster tank. The dark color of lobsters contrasts with the white tablecloth tables surrounded by white chairs.

There is seating for about 200 patrons. The restaurant is designed to give the best of both inside an outside dining experience. On the lower level are tables separated by half glass walls from the road. Gas heaters  above the tables chase away the chill in the air that sometimes hits Bogotá. The inside is shielded from the outside through glass windows which can be slid open on the nicer days to allow in a fresh breeze.

Much thought was put into decoration. With blue lights and blue ceiling panels there is an ocean feel to the dining experience.Pesquera Jaramillo Parque 93

Graciela:  I very much enjoy the ambiance of the Parque 93 area and believe it is a perfect location for the restaurant. One can walk around the park both before dinner to build up an appetite and after dinner to burn off some of the calories that tasted so good going down.

Pesquera Jaramillo has been a favorite of mine since way before I met Michel. There is much to like about the place. It is large and the tables are spaced apart enough so you do not feel like you are part of another’s conversation. They have live music. It is soft so that diners can still carry on a conversation without shouting.

In my opinion the number one best thing about Pesquera Jaqramillo is the way servers make you feel special. An example would be when I looked at the drink list. It only contained the standard drinks.  I told the server that I was in the mood for a different martini, something perhaps more on the sweet side. He said to me, “I know what you mean. I will make something special for you.” What he brought me was the most delicious martini I have ever had.

Michael:  Indeed my wife is correct about the servers being professional. They are there when you need them, but do not hover. Their manner is one of being helpful as if you are a guest in their home.

Water Bottle 150While the water in Bogotá is very good, the restaurant disseminates any fears that a patron may have and pours the table water from a mineral bottle of water.

The menu contains a variety of fish as well as other sea foods. I had the Thai de Marisco, which is various foods foods from the sea with vegetables blended with oriental spices.  My wife had a Paella de Jaramillo. As expected both dishes exceeded taste expectations. And of course they provide a sufficient amount on the plate to satisfy a gringo appetite.

Pie 320 x 248Make sure you save enough room for one of their deserts. Here again Pesquera Jaramillo delivers both taste and presentation.

Graciela:  The restaurant has never disappointed me in over 40 years. It is sure to be a pleasurable dining experience for anyone visiting Bogotá.

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