Photo of the Week – Black Friday Comes to Colombia, South America

November 2015

compositeGraciela: The above is a composite of photos of the Black Friday sale signs at a local mall. Big deal you say. However if you look closer you will notice that only the words, “Black Friday” are in English. Everything else is in Spanish. These photos were taken at a mall in Colombia, South America.

Michael: When I first came to Colombia over 10 years ago I noticed that prices in the stores were higher than in the USA. And there were never any sales.

Since that time Colombia and the USA have passed the Free Trade Agreement. And like many things in Colombia they sell the people on one thing, but the opposite often happens. Prices in the stores are way higher now than there were before, but now there are sales. In reality consumers really do not save money.

Americans are considered the best advertisers in the world. So it is no surprise to me that our Friday after Thanksgiving made it to other countries. However, obviously Colombia does not even have Thanksgiving day. And many of the residents do not speak English. I am finding that some do not know what Black Friday means or the history behind it, but they do understand that something is less expensive.