Photo of the week – Chinche bug

insect2Graciela: This bug caught my eye while outside the house. It looks like someone painted it.

Michael: Neither my wife nor I knew what kind it is. I put a photo on Facebook asking for help in identification. A relative sent me an Email with a link. It is called a Chinche del Colores. They are from the order of Hemiptera. According to Wikipedia it includes somewhere between 50,000 to 80,000 species. So it is related to the cicada and bedbug.

A friend of ours in Colombia wrote that the more colors a chinche has the more apt it is to use bad smell as a defense weapon. Gee, and I kept poking the camera in its face.

My high school friend, Gary, wrote that the creature is possibly a Thasus Acutangulus. According to the Wikipedia the genus Thasus are leaf-footed bugs. And they are also of the order Hemiptera.

Graciela: This specie is only about a centimeter in length and native to South American.