Photo of the Week – Los MEGArciniegas

Michael – This week’s photo is really a video. Last week we showed the ciclovía in Bogotá as it was near Parque 93. This week we checked it out on the historical Septima. There near calle 53 we found a stage set up along side the street featuring the vallenato band of Los MEGArciniegas. The group obviously enjoyed entertaining the crowd.

Graciela – The group of talented young men, who are still in high school, are from the city known as the center for vallenato in Colombia, Valledupar. Located in César Department, each year it hosts the Vallenato Legend Festival.

Michael – We previously wrote about music, or more specifically dance, in Colombia in our blog titled. “That’s Not Tango.” We include in there some more information about this music that is true Colombian.

Graciela – For those interested, the group does have a Facebook page.

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