Photo of the Week – Sign in MRT station in Singapore

MRT signsGraciela: We are in Singapore and of all the beautiful and wonderful things to photograph my husband stops in the middle of a crowded mass transportation system to record signs. “They won’t get the answer correct,” he said.

Michael: Don’t let my wife fool you thinking that the camera remains holstered. I have been pulling it out for a fair share of the beautiful flowers, unique museums, tasty food and impressive architecture this island country offers.

True this photo is not specific to Colombia. It does however offer something that is faced when visitors arrive to the country.

Culture is a strange thing. Combine that with not traveling outside of one’s sphere and immersing in other cultures and you have erroneous conclusions. American politicians and media have played on that for years to get the American public to agree to things that are not necessarily correct. So yes, when I saw these two signs I immediately thought that 90% of Americans would not get the answer correct. The proper response basically requires that we break free of our American ego and understand that the rest of the world is not necessarily wrong because they do not do it our way, but that they are just different for a variety of reasons that works overall for them.

Anyway I thought to print this photo and let you ponder it. The correct answer is not as obvious or as simple as many may think, nor is it what politicians and the elite rich want you to believe.

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