Piropos – Advice to conquer that Colombian beauty

Piropos 150sq Gabrioa Michael: I am going to help out you gringo guys wanting to make a good impression on the beautiful Colombian woman you meet.

Previously we wrote “Sexy is Subjective but Colombian women top the list”. Over the years I have seen several surveys about the most beautiful women in the wold. The Colombian are most often in the top three. So, I cannot fault you guys in choosing one for a marital partnership.

The secret to getting to know the lady is piropos (pee-rope-os), something I wish I knew more about when I first met my wife.

Graciela: Readers – my husband came up with this topic all by himself. At this point I do not know if I will agree with everything he writes. So, proceed with caution and an open mind.

However, perhaps an explanation of what piropos are is in order. They are pick-up lines disguised as courteous compliments presented in a gentlemanly manner. Older women know what they are probably from receiving some in their life. Now there seems to be a disappearnce of gentlemen and the young ladies are often subjected to more crude comments or ones with sexual inuendos. However I assure you that a Colombian woman of any age will appreciate hearing one of these lines instead of what guys have been delivering lately.

Michael: Let me jump in here again. Before you try out one of these cute sayings you need to make sure it is not directed toward a married woman. You cannot think in the American method of identification. The majority of women in this country wear their wedding ring on their right hand not their left.

Next leave those crude American pick-up lines in America. The women here that you would like to take home to mom are ladies. I won’t cover the ones you do not want mama to see. Things like, “Nice legs, what time do they open,” will get you ignored at best and the worst you do not want to know.

Graciela: Spanish is a romantic language. English is excellent for business. What sounds sweet in my first language can sound crude in English.

Michael: yes guys, this means you are going to have to learn to say more than, “Mas cerveza por favor,” in Spanish. Your chances of success increase a thousand fold with the proper language.

OK, here we go with a few of the piropos you can use in getting a Colombian woman’s attention. They are presented in Spanish with the English translation.

Desearía ser una lágrima tuya, para nacer en tus ojos, vivir en tus mejillas, y morir en tus labios.
Translation: I wish I were your tear, to be born in your eyes, to live on your cheeks and to die on your lips.

Quisiera ser chocolate para derretirme en tu boca.
Translation: I wish I were chocolate to melt in your mouth.

Eres un gran ladrón, porque sin darme cuenta, me robaste el corazón.
Translation: You are a great thief because without me knowing it, you stole my heart.

Remember Colombian women are family oriented. It is not unusual to see a woman walking hand in hand with her mother. If you do see that then you say to the mother: Suegra, le cambio a su hija por mi papá y le encimo dos tíos!
Translation: Mother-in-law, I’ll trade my Dad for your daughter and will throw in two of my uncles.

The above are enough to get your started. However do not expect your charm and a few piropos to win her heart. Colombian women are beautiful not stupid and they have other standards that must be met. You should smell good, but do not overdo it. Wear dress pants and a collared shirt, the majority like a nicely dressed man. And definitely practice your dance moves. Dancing is just a part of the Colombian culture. Many women seem to express themselves through dance. Plus all the Colombian men dance.

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