Readers’ Top Ten Favorite Blogs of 2015

January 2016

Corzo ad 3Last year was great for us thanks to you, the readers. In the first six months our visitors and reads exceeded all of those in the previous 18 months. For the second year in a row our site was voted as one of the top five for blogs about Latin America. Michael was interviewed by Expat Chat. We were invited and joined the Colombian Bloggers Association. Followers on Facebook and Twitter increased significantly.

Five blogs from our 2014 top reads also made the 2015 list. Again Colombian women, Colombian coffee, information about how to enjoy the country and a wonderful restaurant for chicken dominated the list.

Here is the countdown of what readers read the most in 2015.

#10.  This is very interesting and I would imagine highly improbable given the thousands of reads. Actually three blogs tied in reads for tenth spot. Even Gringos Look Elegant in a Guayabera is a repeat from last year. Guama is a fruit masquerading as a bean is about an over foot long bean that is really a fruit. Stroll with us through a place to buy Colombian arts and crafts – Carpe Diem in Usaquen shows some of the Colombian made goods you can find in one of the gringolandia areas of the city.

#9.  Piropos – Advice to conquer that Colombian beauty– Moving up one spot from its position on last year’s list this gives the man a few sayings in Spanish (with English translations) of a form of flirting from years ago. But they can still work today.

#8.  Sexy is Subjective, But Colombian Women Top the List – Originally written in 2013 this one also made last years list. Perhaps there is more interest in Colombian women than before since the country has had one Miss Universe and one runner-up. The list of sexiest women came from votes on a website called Miss Travel.

#7.  Boots ‘N Bags – Women and shopping go together and when visiting a foreign country why not purchase something you can use that the country is noted for. This blog is a repeat from last year’s list. The company’s stores are found at most major malls and they sell quality Colombian made leather purses at reasonable prices.

#6.  A Reader asks Where to Stay in Bogotá – As a multinational corporate administrative assistant part of Graciela’s job was making sure out of country executives, board members, etc had appropriate accommodations. At the same time she had to factor in the cost. Michael looked at things as a gringo tourist. We put our heads together to recommend hotels in Bogotá. Knowing that some may need a hotel in another part of the city of eight million people we added our listing of Bogotá hotels by area.

#5.  Cuál es la mejor época para visitar Bogotá and in English it is When is the Best Time to Visit Bogotá?– The Spanish version received more reads than the English version. Last year the writings made the list. This year they moved up from #9. Just another indicator of the rapid increase of tourism to Colombia.

#4.  What to pack and wear to enjoy Bogotá – New to the list this year this blog is extremely popular. Another indication of visitors to this South American Country.

#3.  Pernilones in Mosquera – Restaurant Review – A repeat appearance on the top 10 from last year. We notice that many visitors to the country rave about the chicken. Some even swear they need to start in their own country a places like we have here. Pernilones is a restaurant in a working town outside of Bogotá, but it meets the three B’s as explained in the blog. The Spanish version of the blog is even more popular than the English.

#2.  Our Ten Favorite Coffee Shops in Bogotá 2014 – Along with our 2013 list these have been reprinted in many different magazines. In the last year we have moved from Bogotá to Cajicá. Watch soon for our listing of favorite coffee shops in our new area.

#1.  Colombian Women – Divorce, Live Happy or Die Moving up from #2 spot last year this is the most often read blog.

So there you have it. We appreciate you, the reader, and will continue to bring you the best of what you want. If you have any questions or comments please go to our contact page and drop us a line. Don’t forget that you can also leave a comment at the bottom of any blog.

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