St. Honoré – an Appropriately Named Coffee Shop In Chia, Colombia

March 2016

St. Honoré coffee shop Chia, ColombiaMichael: The name caught my attention. When my wife saw it she said, “Good name for a coffee shop that sells breads and pastries.” With years of marriage she has learned to read my often involuntary inquisitive look. “He is the patron saint of bakers, she added.”

Before moving to Colombia patron saints were not among my knowledge base. But in a country with 95% of the population catholic, saints play a large part of life. Earlier we wrote about the many statues along the road to the patron saint of truck drivers.

Graciela: St.Honoré’s story is interesting. Around 600 AD he achieved the post of 7th Bishop of Amiens in France. The story is that when he was elected to the position that a ray of light descended upon his head and a holy oil appeared on his forehead.

Most likely the action of his childhood nursemaid is responsible for him becoming the patron saint for bakers,confectioners and pastry chefs. When told of his elevated status she was baking bread and did not believe the news. Her comment was that she would only believe it if the wooden baker’s peel in her hand turned into a tree when stuck in the ground. Legend states that the paddle grew roots and turned into a flowering mulberry tree that lasted until the 16th century.

St. Honoré coffee shop Chia, ColombiaMany people know his name from the cake named after him It is a French pastry made with caramelized sugar and whipped cream.

Michael: The coffee shop bearing his name has two locations in Chia, Colombia. The city is less than an hour’s drive from Bogotá. The smaller shop is in the mall Plaza Mayor. Headquarters and the showcase of their talents is Cra 2 este No 22-120 Local 14. For non-locals the place may be a little difficult to find. Basically you take the Chia exit off the Autopista on to the Pradilla. At the traffic circle enter but immediately take the road to the right and keep bearing in that direction. Down the road a few blocks the store is sandwiched between others in the Nogales Plaza strip mall.

Entering the glass door there is a bright cheerful feeling with the yellow painted walls and decoration. Pies and cakes fill a large glass case. Bins holding different artesanal breads decorate the back wall. Various small goodies show under glass domes on the counter. There you find muffins, pastel Gloria as well as other Colombian type products. The front region sports tables and chairs while booths line one wall.

St. Honoré coffee shop Chia, ColombiaThey offer a wide variety of sweet treats. Many are excellent for their catering service. Their website is a good place to see the multiple offerings. And their Facebook page provides more information and photos of tasty treats. But nothing tantalizes more than checking out the selection at their store.

Graciela: If you really want to enjoy a good coffee and a snack the patio is the place to gravitate to. Located outside the back door are tables. On the back wall the decoration is growing plants in a unique vertical garden made of PVC drainage pipe.

Michael: St. Honoré is worth the drive from Bogotá. You will enjoy a cheerful relaxing atmosphere and taste morsels that are often difficult to find in the capital.

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