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Coffee Shops of Centro Chia – Breads to Eclairs & Cheesecakes

October 2015 You find yourself in one of those situations where you know that you want a coffee, but that tasty treat to accompany it sits as an unknown on your taste buds. Our solution is usually to go to the Centro Chia mall. They have eight coffee shops each offering something different. There is […]


haga clic aquí para obtener Fontanar parte  2 Michael:   Cerca de dos años la edificaciòn de 134.000 M2 y con 56.000 M2 de espacios para arrendar se fue construyendo lentamente. Adentro mâs de 150 almacenes movieron su mercancia. Este centro comercial està ubicado por el mismo lado de Centro Chia viniendo desde Bogotà. Fontanar […]

We Review the New Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia

For our updated review click here October 2015 Michael: For over two years the large 134,000 square meter building with over 56,000 square meters of rental space rose slowly from the ground. Inside over 150 retail outlets moved merchandise in. Just down from the place and on the same side of the Autopista is Centro […]

Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense – Where the Locals Dine for Lunch

October 2015 Michael: There are two things about Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense I can say for certain. In my ten years of frequenting there I have never received a bad meal or bad service. The second is that in all that time I have never seen another gringo face. The name has three locations throughout […]

Coffee Shops not Reviewed and why

October 2015 Are there bad coffee shops in and around Bogotá? That seemed to be the question a reader asked us. The person inquired about places we have not reviewed. Michael: My wife and I hit coffee shops at least 300 days each year. Before a place occupies space on our site we visit it […]

New Colombian Forum Poised to Answer Your Questions

By Michael – September 2015 At a restaurant in Chia Graciela and I sat across from barrumundi (his sign-in forum name not his real name) and his wife Maria. They are near our age. Though as is typical for many women in Colombia, Maria looks younger than one would have normally guessed. Her husband sat […]

Photo of the Week: Stop Signs Bring a Smile

Michael: These signs are located in the North of Bogotá around the area of Calle 140 and Avenida 19. The first sign caught me by surprise, and indeed a smile came to my face. But with the second one my thought process went to who is doing this. The added letters are vinyl and close to […]

Grün – Garden Rooftop Coffee Shop Helps Healing

August 2015 Michael: From my experience, where they put this coffee shop is a stroke of genius. I can honestly say that it helped me feel better while in the hospital. Graciela: Many outdoor places in Bogotá have some greenery around trying to insulate the customer from the invasion of concrete all around. Juan Valdez […]

Café Kerub – La mejor manera de construir un Coffee shop de cero

Agosto 2015 Michael: Un excelente cafè, un servicio amigable, deliciosos acompañamientos y una atmòsfera agradable, son cosas que no se dan por accidente. Lo anterior se logra pensando y planeando detenidamente. En los alrededores de Cajicà, tomando la antigua via Chia – Cajicà, mi esposa y yo durante varios meses vimos còmo crecia una construcciòn […]

El Inglés Gastro Pub- English Restaurant in Bogotá has humour

July 2015 Michael: A sign on the wall exposes the English type chuckles the moment you walk in the door. There were seven of us filing in with my wife in front. I anchored the line snaking single file between he tables and chairs of the narrow rooms. Up front I heard my wife say, “Good, […]

Ivan, not Oswaldo, Guayasamin – A Colombian artist stunned us at the mall

July 2015 Michael: Large paintings displayed on easels grabbed our attention. We had just entered the center building of the Plaza Mayor in Chia, Colombia. These pieces were different than anything I have seen before. “They are familiar but different,” my wife said. I know to listen to my better half. She studied with some […]

Your Checklist Before Arriving in Colombia

July 2015 Michael: My wife and I want to entice people to visit this interesting and exciting South American Country, plus get maximum enjoyment from your visit. Graciela: We know that a small problem can sometimes hurt an otherwise excellent trip. Therefore Michael and I came up with this list of things you should probably think […]

Five Bogotá Malls for Tourists

May 2015 Michael: Bogotá has a plethora of what they call centro comerciales or malls in English. Of course with over eight million people in the city it is to be expected. In the last ten years my wife and I have hit most if not all of them. Do not think that my wife likes […]

Quevedo: Manteniendo vivos los buenos hàbitos de la lectura

Mayo 2015 Michael: Algo que me encanta de Bogotà, Colombia es que no importa por dònde se camine, usted siempre encontrarà algo interesante. Anteriormente escribì acerca de un juego de taladros que en la vida imaginè hallar nuevamente, ya que estàn fuera del mercado Graciela: Bogotà , su capital tiene màs de 8 millones de […]

10 Things Many People do not Know About Colombia

May 2015 1 – World’s largest gold museum – The Museo del Oro in Bogotá has a collection of more than 20,000 pieces of gold from before the invasion of the Spanish. These are the pieces that the indigenous wore and used. Early visitors to the area saw and then came back to get any […]

Quevedo – Keeping Alive Good Reading Habits

May 2015 Michael: What is really great about Bogotá, Colombia is that you can always find something interesting just walking the streets. I previously wrote about one of the items I found this way a complete set of auger bits Graciela: This capital city has over eight million people in 613 square miles (1,587 km2). It is […]

A Tree Falls in Your Yard – Who You Going to Call?

March 2015 Michael: We arrived home to find a tree across our driveway and crunching our neighbor’s car. I saw it as an opportunity to go purchase more play toys and told my wife, “Well, I guess I need to purchase a chainsaw.” The excitement drained when my wife said, “I’ll call the fire department.” […]

Book Review – Short Walks From Bogotá: Journeys in the New Colombia

March 2015 Preliminary tests done at the hospital emergency indicated a possible long stay. My wife’s nephew knew what to do and showed up with a batch of new books. He knows my penchant to learn more about Colombia. We have often traveled together to places in the country where his work has taken him. […]

Alimentarte 2014 in Bogotá, Colombia

Michael:  Alimentarte is an annual event in Bogotá featuring food from some of the best restaurants in the city. Graciela:  We decided this narrated slide show is the best way to show you what it offers.

The Moment to Leave Bogotá Arrived

February 2015 Michael: It almost sounds strange even to me. We decided to exit from the city we write about. It is where we have our connections to friends, museums, theaters, events, restaurants and coffee shops. It is in this city that we enjoy the advantage of doing such things as jumping on a bus […]