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2016 – Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Chia/Cajica Display Different Specialties

June 2016 To be a great coffee shop takes more than just good coffee. There must be service, ambiance and accompaniments. The shop must demonstrate consistency in those areas as well as an attitude of continual improvement in meeting the needs of the customer. Previously we covered our favorite coffee shops in Bogotá. Readers may […]

Chez Moi Coffee Shop en Chia Despliega Sus Talentos Culinarios

Enero 2016 Michael: Hay simplemente “pan” y hay “pan artesanal”. En este ùltimo grupo solamente unos pocos estàn en la cima del juego. Ahora uno de ellos abriò un coffee shop en Chia, Colombia. En nuestros diarias salidas, terminamos en la avenida llamada Chilacos en la pequeña comunidad a las afueras de Bogotà. Varias entradas […]

Chez Moi Coffee Shop in Chia Displays the Owner’s Culinary Talents

January 2016 There is bread, then there is pan artesanal  (artisan bread). Among those in the art group there are a few at the top of the game. Now one of them opened a coffee shop in Chia, Colombia. Daily errands took us down the street known as Avenida Chilacos in the small town outside […]