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El Pórtico Restaurant Near Bogotá is a Must for Visitors

July 2016 Michael: El Pórtico has it all, ambiance, great Colombian style food, a playground for the kids, a coffee shop and a church. All these features contributes to a dual personality. Depending upon the time of day it can be a restaurant for the family or a romantic dinner. But this Bogotá area establishment […]

2016 – Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Chia/Cajica Display Different Specialties

June 2016 To be a great coffee shop takes more than just good coffee. There must be service, ambiance and accompaniments. The shop must demonstrate consistency in those areas as well as an attitude of continual improvement in meeting the needs of the customer. Previously we covered our favorite coffee shops in Bogotá. Readers may […]

St. Honoré – El nombre apropiado para un Coffee shop en Chia, Colombia

St. Honoré coffee shop Chia, Colombia

Marzo 2016 Michael: El nombre captò inmediatamente mi atenciòn. Cuando mi esposa lo viò, dijo: ”Buen nombre para un coffee shop que se especializa en panes y pasteles” y gracias a nuestros años de matrimonio, ella ha aprendido a leer cuando yo le doy esa cierta mirada inquisitiva e involuntaria, asì que me aclarò su […]

Juan Valdez Café in Bazaar Mall – Ambiance, Service & Pets

March 2016 Graciela: My husband and I have always been a fan of Juan Valdez coffee shops. In terms of product quality each one always delivers. And every one we have visited offers free Wi-Fi. What makes the difference between the company’s stores is ambiance and service. In those areas the Bazaar Mall shop is ahead […]

Chez Moi Coffee Shop en Chia Despliega Sus Talentos Culinarios

Enero 2016 Michael: Hay simplemente “pan” y hay “pan artesanal”. En este ùltimo grupo solamente unos pocos estàn en la cima del juego. Ahora uno de ellos abriò un coffee shop en Chia, Colombia. En nuestros diarias salidas, terminamos en la avenida llamada Chilacos en la pequeña comunidad a las afueras de Bogotà. Varias entradas […]

Chez Moi Coffee Shop in Chia Displays the Owner’s Culinary Talents

January 2016 There is bread, then there is pan artesanal  (artisan bread). Among those in the art group there are a few at the top of the game. Now one of them opened a coffee shop in Chia, Colombia. Daily errands took us down the street known as Avenida Chilacos in the small town outside […]

Centro Comercial Fontanar – Espectacular o no?

Enero 2016 Graciela: “Espectacular” dijo la señora luego de que le preguntàramos su opiniòn acerca de este centro comercial. Durante los fines de semana y la època de navidad siempre estuvo lleno de visitantes. Michael: Mi esposa y yo estuvimos allì el dia de la inauguraciòn en octubre, 2015 cuando hicimos nuestro primer reporte. Varios […]

DPASO Cafè y Bakery – un Oasis de Coffee Shop en el Centro Comercial Fontanar

enero 2016 Graciela: Todo lucia perfecto pero la pregunta en mi mente cuando vi que ofrecian eclairs fue “serà su sabor perfecto tambièn?” mi boca se saboreò. La crema de chocolate adentro en contacto con mi paladar, fue totalmente exitoso. En el 2013 mientras estaba en Singapur, encontrè el mejor eclair de chocolate. Desde ese […]

Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia Revisited – Spectacular or not?

January 2016 Graciela: “Spectacular,” the woman said. The answer came to our question of her thoughts about the new Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia, Colombia. On weekends, especially during the Christmas season, the place attracts large crowds. Michael: My wife and I showed up on opening day of the mall in October 2015. We based […]

DPASO Café & Bakery – an Oasis Coffee Shop in Fontanar Mall

December 2015 Graciela: It looked correct but the question in my mind was would it taste correct. The eclair entered my mouth. The chocolate creme filling contacted my taste buds. Success at last. In 2013 while traveling Singapore I found the best chocolate eclair. Ever since I have been searching for something equivalent in Colombia. […]


Deciembre 2015 Michael: Entrando por la puerta principal uno ve hacia el fondo un arco en donde funciona la cocina. Arriba se lee un aviso que dice: “Todos los dias se hornean tus deseos” y en la otra pared “El arte de hacer pan”. Afortunadamente èste es un lugar en donde se cumple lo que […]

WASSA – Coffee Shop With a Savvy for Breads and Health

December 2015 Michael: Walking in the front door one sees at the back of the room an archway to the exhibition kitchen. Above it says, “Todos los días se hornean tus deseos” (Every day we bake your wishes). On another wall it states “El arte de hacer pan” (the art of making bread). Fortunately this […]

Probocatto – Upscale Coffee Shop Without the Upscale Prices

November 2015 Graciela: Probocatto is one of the most enjoyable coffee shops we go to. It is clean. Service is fast. And it is quiet. And yes, they have Wi-Fi. Michael: Everything focuses on elegance with customer enjoyment in mind. The decoration invites one in. Glass windows and a glass door draws one’s eye to […]

Arte Luna in Centro Chia – Colombian Crafts and Knowledgable Helpful Staff

November 2015 Michael: Time closed in on us before our last trip to the USA. Now add to it that my wife is Colombian. By that I mean that part of her culture is to bring gifts for everyone whenever you travel. Bottom line, that means a gift for just about every relative and friend […]

Coffee Shops of Centro Chia – Breads to Eclairs & Cheesecakes

October 2015 You find yourself in one of those situations where you know that you want a coffee, but that tasty treat to accompany it sits as an unknown on your taste buds. Our solution is usually to go to the Centro Chia mall. They have eight coffee shops each offering something different. There is […]


haga clic aquí para obtener Fontanar parte  2 Michael:   Cerca de dos años la edificaciòn de 134.000 M2 y con 56.000 M2 de espacios para arrendar se fue construyendo lentamente. Adentro mâs de 150 almacenes movieron su mercancia. Este centro comercial està ubicado por el mismo lado de Centro Chia viniendo desde Bogotà. Fontanar […]

We Review the New Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia

For our updated review click here October 2015 Michael: For over two years the large 134,000 square meter building with over 56,000 square meters of rental space rose slowly from the ground. Inside over 150 retail outlets moved merchandise in. Just down from the place and on the same side of the Autopista is Centro […]

New Colombian Forum Poised to Answer Your Questions

By Michael – September 2015 At a restaurant in Chia Graciela and I sat across from barrumundi (his sign-in forum name not his real name) and his wife Maria. They are near our age. Though as is typical for many women in Colombia, Maria looks younger than one would have normally guessed. Her husband sat […]

Café Kerub – Best Way to Build a Coffee Shop is From the Ground up

August 2015 Michael: Great coffee, friendly service, tasty accompaniments, enjoyable atmosphere. It does not come by accident, but with thought and planning. In the outskirts of Cajicá on a street between the Autopista and Antigua via Chia, my wife and I watched a building go up over the course of several months. Located very near the Colegio […]

Ivan, not Oswaldo, Guayasamin – A Colombian artist stunned us at the mall

July 2015 Michael: Large paintings displayed on easels grabbed our attention. We had just entered the center building of the Plaza Mayor in Chia, Colombia. These pieces were different than anything I have seen before. “They are familiar but different,” my wife said. I know to listen to my better half. She studied with some […]