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El Altillo Café serves up more than good coffee

Michael: This coffee shop seems to be a well kept secret. Perhaps it is just a case of location in being ever so slightly off the beaten gringo path. Graciela: I do not know where my husband is going with this one. The place featuring one of the most relaxing ambiances we have ever encountered […]

Photo of the week – Pigeon feeding in Usaquen

Michael: I watched this man stroll into the Usaquen park about lunch time. His plastic bag was closed but the pigeons seemed to know what was coming and immediately flew to him like an old friend. Graciela: This barrio of Bogotá is a part that my husband refers to as gringolandia. On some days I […]

Felinos – Restaurant Review

Leer en Español Michael:  In the Usaquen barrio of Bogotá many restaurants surround Felinos. However it is the one place my wife and I eat at most often when we are in the neighborhood. And yes, we sometimes make a special trip there to enjoy the food. Graciela:  It is a lunch place. You get […]

Felinos – Comentario sobre el restaurante

To Read in English Michael: En el barrio Usaquén de la ciudad de Bogotá,  muchos restaurantes rodean a Felinos. Sin embargo es nuestro preferido para ir a almorzar cuando estamos en el área y si, también  hacemos  el viaje sólo  para disfrutar de su exquisita comida. Graciela: Es un lugar más que todo para almorzar. […]