The Life of a Colombian Curuba is from Flower to Healthy Drink

Colombia is home to the largest variety of curuba. Also know as the banana passion fruit it is loaded with antioxidants especially proanthocyanidins and catechin. It contains vitamin A and vitamin C as well as high amounts of phosphorous, niacin, calcium and iron.

When the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the Bogotá area they found the yellow to red fruit growing wild. Though today it is grown commercially. However it does not seem to grow below 4,000 feet above sea-level. Outside of South American countries it can be purchased as a frozen pulp.

The taste of the raw fruit is a little tart. Consequently Colombians put the pulp into a blender along with a little milk, water and sugar. Then they strain the mixture to remove the seeds. The concoction is called sorbete de curuba. And of course someone came up with an alcoholic drink by mixing the fruit with Colombia’s aguardiente. But one can also find it in meringues, cakes, fruit salads and yogurt.

The curuba fruit grows on our property. Well, actually the plant is on our neighbors side of the fence. But because of the way the sun comes across our lawn most of the fruit is on our side.

The pedals of a flower begin the process for the curuba.curuba flower Colombia

When the pinkish pedals open there is a long stamen.Curuba flower and stamen

The pedals close again as the fruit begins growth at the end of the stamen inside the center of the flower.Curuba flower growing Colombia

The stamen dries up and the pedals wither as growth continues.curuba growing Colombia

Soon there are green fruits looking like small bananas, hence the name banana passion fruit.Curubas growing

The mature fruit is a yellow to red color depending upon the variety.yellow curuba Colombia

But it is best to pick it before the birds get to it.curuba eaten by birds

Cutting it open reveals a pulp with seeds.curuba cut open Colombia

A spoon works best for scraping out the pulp.Curuba cut open scooped into glass Colombia

Mix with milk, water and sugar then blend. You have a drink that is rich in antioxidants.sorbete de curuba