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The first ever bar for a Wingz restaurant is a place one must experience.

wingz03 640Michael:  Our friend ducked into an opening behind the drink serving area on the first floor. We followed. He placed a small plastic piece against a colorful door at the end of the short hallway. “Access granted” it read on the screen. He then motioned us through to dimly lit stairs. They took a turn to the left and up leading us back the way we came but to the second floor. There a nondescript dark door presented itself. Remastered 80’s music sounding like techno to me, greeted us when the door opened. The enveloping atmosphere can best be described as a 1980’s “Tron,” complete with the bartender outlined in light.

Graciela:  Wingz, also known as Wingz ‘n Beer, has several restaurants in Bogotá. You can find one in what my husband calls the gringolandia area of Usaquén. They are best known for serving chicken wings and, of course, beer. Tables are covered with white paper and several crayons are left for patrons to draw on the covering.

This is the very first Wingz to incorporate a bar. It is nothing like the normal eating area, though it still follows the restaurant’s theme of back to the 80’s. But unlike the family dining areas featuring Pac Man type decor, the bar is, as my husband pointed out, is more “Tron” in atmosphere.

Michael:  We are talking about the one and only (as of this writing) bar the company has. The menus are on transparencies, like those things teachers put on overhead projectors. Don’t worry, they are easily readable due to the unique design of the place. The typeface on the bill of fare is like that from the movie “Tron.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGraciela:  There are two sections to the menu. Wingzeatz is for food. Wingzology is for drinks. The food selection is appropriate for enjoying with drinks. Sure you can get wings with the various sauces, but in smaller quantities than in the restaurant. The other menu items, like the mini hamburgers keep the theme of special alive.

Michael:  The place is not known as Wings ‘N Beer for nothing. And oh what beer there is in this bar. You can enjoy an appetizer type brew like Lieffman’s Fruitesec or the strong Chilean ale Kunstman Gran Torobayo.

Graciela:  The Wingz bar brings drink mixology to a new level utilizing the fruits of Colombia. And the best part is you can enjoy the unique blend of some without the alcoholic content. However, if you really want an experience I suggest you try either a drink called UNTZX3 or another which goes by the name of WIIIUUUX2.

Michael:  This is a must go to place for professional business people as well as anyone wanting a most unique experience. I have never seen anything like it in the U.S.A. or any other countries my wife and I have traveled to. However, now comes the million dollar question, where is it?  I was advised by my friend with the card that for now this is like a speakeasy from the days of prohibition in the U.S., you must know the secret password, or in this case have the special plastic card.card 150 X103 The best I can tell you at this time is if you want to know more to use our contact page on this website and ask. We may have more information soon.

For now here is a link to the Wingz webpage
and their Facebook page

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    1. There are many Wingz restaurants in Bogotá, Colombia. However only one, at this moment, has the bar experience available as noted in the article. A person more familiar with the business than I said that they are planning on opening more of the bars in the future in Colombia. However no one that I have spoken with is knowledgeable of any in the USA. Come to Bogotá, experience this bar and many more unique and wonderful things not found in the USA.

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