Restaurante Tomaselly flourishes among much competition

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Tomaselly embossed menuMichael: There is a reason why a restaurant surrounded by many others flourishes. Tomaselly, located near the corner of Avenida 19 and Calle 136, has about eight other eating establishments within a two block radius. But this restaurant offers things that the others do not.

This restaurant should not be confused with Tomaselly Hamburguesas or the Tomaselly located in the Chapinero barrio. They serve a different customer.

Graciela: It is large and the layout provides choices. The first floor seems to be for one to four people eating. If you have a large party the second floor easily handles tables of 6 to 20. Then there is also a play area for children for those times when the adults wish to talk after a good meal, but the kids want to play.

Decoration is interesting. There are a few TVs around. But what really draws one’s eyes are the large framed paintings of European scenes. And to keep things interesting they seem to change frequently.

Tomaselly fish plate2Michael: The two page menu is expansive. They offer five different types of fish, with various methods of cooking. There are five soups. For meat dishes it is a grand selection. You can even get a plate that contains five different meats. And yes, they have whole roasted chickens as well as hamburgers.

For drinks they carry everything from lemonade and sodas to beer, both domestic and imported. Then there is the choice of a pitcher of the unique  drink of refajo. That is a combination of a Colombian soda and Club Colombia beer.

Tomaselly refrajo 320Graciela: Don’t forget to leave room for one of their deserts. They have one of my childhood favorites of brevas con arequipe. Or if you prefer more  traditional American deserts they have a brownie with ice cream.

Michael: Service has always been good. The servers bring items quickly and are easy to find when you need something else. The only thing lacking is the little extra of a smile.

Graciela: In my opinion the service is always excellent. The servers are always hustling and answered all my questions and concerns in a responsible manner.

Michael: While the restaurant is for everyone, if you have a large group wanting good food at a value price then Tomaselly’s is the place.

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