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As an expat in Colombia you may sometimes need a recommendation for service providers or stores. That is what this page is about.

Graciela has lived in Colombia all her life. Michael has been here ten years. During that time we have had to solicit services for various things. Many were not always the best experiences, but along the way we did find people who are trust worthy and take pride in their work. And in some instances they speak English. These are service providers that we feel confident in recommending.

This will be a constantly changing page so check back often.

Auto Repair – Bogotá
j autocars card 640Michael:  I don’t care what country you are in, it is difficult to find an honest reliable person to fix your car. And since part of my background is working on the vehicles I am picky. The owner of J. Auto Cars, Jaime, is my type of guy.

Graciela: I started taking my cars to the shop when his father owned the place. Jaime started at the bottom working on cars and learning, now he owns and manages the shop. I have always found him to be honest in his work and fair in his prices.

Michael: The shop is in the North of Bogotá and a little difficult to find the first time, but worth the effort.

English speaking Veterinarian Bogotá
Vet Card Angelica 640Graciela: With four dogs a good vet is important to me. But they also need to have a connection with the animals. Since our dogs are big it is also important that the person makes house calls. I feel fortunate to have found Angelica though recommendations.

Michael: For me the best part is she speaks a very good English. As for what my wife says about a connection, well, she travels usually with two or three of her own dogs in the van with her.


Food delivered to your home – Bogotá and Chia

Javier Juice info 640Graciela: My husband put the title as food. While Javier does carry quality arepas, empanadas, cookies, and a few other things his main focus is frozen fresh fruit juices from many of the wonderful fruits in Colombia. The fruits include: feijoa, maracuya, guanabana, fresa, uva, lulo, curuba, mora, mango and piña. I have been a customer for over 25 years and have never had a bad experience.

Michael: In my opinion you could not ask for a person who enjoys his job more. Sure he has the big corporation clients, but he seems to enjoy offering his products to individuals. He has a huge factory that he owns and seems to be constantly busy negotiating contracts to obtain the fruits, but most of the deliveries he makes himself. The concentrated fruits come frozen so you just keep them in your freezer. You can easily make up just a glass or a pitcher. It is the best way to enjoy many of the wonderful fruit drinks available in the country, Not to mention that with no additives these are healthy drinks.

The company name is Cubo Fruta. Land line is 271-3672 and Javier’s cell is 315-369-6736.

Used Books in Spanish, English and French
Quevedo squareThere are some large used book stores like Gran Manzana around Bogotá and of course some smaller ones. However we found, Quevedo Libros y Antiquedades to have the best selection and prices. They are in the Chapinero barrio. Check out our full review.




Taxi Driver who speaks English – Bogotá

Taxi 150We wrote an entire article about Giovanni that can you can read here





150 sq colors and green countryExpat Cedula – If you are going to be an expat living in Colombia then you must have a cedula which is the national identification card. Getting it can be a challenge, but it is getting easier. Here is a writing of Michael’s experience.




Chair 150Furniture purchases in Bogota
Well, you are really not going to find furniture like in the United States. While the more modern metal and glass stuff is everywhere, we wrote about our experience in finding real wood furniture.

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